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    Default Discussion about the *Freljord* patch

    I was not as exited for this patch until now. For me my favorite things about this patch is the "reroll" system for aram matches on the all new aram map. I for one am exited to purchase lissandra and save some cash for the awesome volibear skin.

    If you are still not exited as I was you should check out this link:
    In this link it tells much more about what is going on and all the lore that got changed up.

    Thoughts anyone?
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    I am slightly excited about the patch but not a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by _MEGA View Post
    I am siding with Lissandra.
    I'm siding with the winter claw because the flip-page promo had Olaf in the picture.

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    it was okay, though now i can see why they waited so long to release lissandra. the aram map looks nice and i like the visuals on it. as for everything else, the aram roles are nice, but im not really excited for anything else. it was more lissandra. and the rework on nunu well his splash art, makes the child look creepy! i liked the splash art better the way it was before, but i will admit that trundle looks awesome!

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    Sej is good , new aram mode is fun as heck, I changed my avatar thing but I don't know who I sided with lmao.
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    I loved this patch. I had started to mainly play ARAM whenever I feel like playing LoL, so the matchmaking and first win of the day IP bonus and all that jazz is just perfect for me! Plus I like the "new" map. A bit more action packed since it's shorter than Proving Grounds.

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