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    Smile Help Me reach my goal!

    Hey fellow League Players!

    One of my favorite characters is Twitch! (yes the lil rat thingy) I recently found out about a referral program that can actually get me a skin for Twitch.

    This little link here will show you what I am talking about.

    So pretty much if I can get 50 people signed up through this link!

    I can get free IP and RP and hopefully my Twitch Skin!!

    ---VERY IMPORTANT--- You must click this link for it to work ------
    Also! Feel Free to PM me for any questions or concerns.

    You Don't have to do this. I don't want to force it on anyone but if you want you can.

    Thanks For the Help Everyone!!! - Bunneyz!

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    Haha good luck to you and the referrals. They have to hit level 10 btw before it counts to your total count. Riot also checks to make sure that these are not smurfs and they get pretty serious about that.

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    Clicked your link and made a smurf. Not guaranteeing it will be leveled to level 10 though

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