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Thread: Pissed Off Mush

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    Remind me not to get on your bad side

    Anyways, I get that a lot as well, really do anger me ><

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    really dont think its a good idea to get on mush's bad side

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pika View Post
    obviously he doesn't know how to play ap fortune yet.
    its all about apgp now

    I named my baby "bass", so i can drop it and it would be alright.
    =(eGO)= Sephiroth | EC | #KBMOD: 1v1 меня IRL

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    Plays ADC. Cant carry with 27 kills. Obviously 27 kill steals <3

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    it just happens my artistic ego comes out of extreme anger or happiness, i couldn't control my fingers

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