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Thread: Hey guys

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    Default Hey guys

    I been part of eGO for two years now and we have grown to support more games. I didnt realize we have a LoL division now, pretty sweet. Use to play hardcore and then school took over (3 weeks left)

    Im always up for a play when im on, add me KoL7
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    League of legends isnt a division (wish it was) its part of op:x, and awesome! ign : cold3dge

    I named my baby "bass", so i can drop it and it would be alright.
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    Add me: Spathika

    It's always cool to see other divisions take interest in this game; join out edge-gamers chat room as well.

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    i haven't saw any League of legends division ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardcoreLegend View Post
    i haven't saw any League of legends division ?
    Op-x division is basically the testing grounds for games that could one day be its own division. I just like to call the games op-x supports sub-divisions, so league is a sub-division.

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    Yeah sorry about the confusion on the division thing! SPathika cleared it up for me! Nice assist :D
    Dont let the name scare you, I'm a nice guy

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    cool someone new to play with! hope to catch a few games!

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