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    this thread is over 6 months old
    Quote Originally Posted by a confused spectator
    Is there a limit of how many players are allowed to use the rocket launcher??

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    Time to drag Exe out of the graveyard.

    Quote Originally Posted by My Dad
    The internet is so slow because there is a little Chinese man in a back room somewhere who has to read everything first.
    Quote Originally Posted by Meep View Post
    My family now thinks I'm weirder than before, because people from the internet are sending me mustard.
    Quote Originally Posted by Exegguru
    You should become president of the world honor

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    I thought this thread was lost forever...

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    People keep resurrecting it, even when Exe hasn't been here for like 8 months.

    So no, it will likely never die.
    Can't get enough of this song:

    Zeromancer - Idiot Music

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    I thought I just talked to him the other day. Has he really been gone that long? That's sad.

    =(eGO)= KelpTheGreat: I've almost filled all the chests with coal!
    =(eGO)=|Canii: YASSSSS
    =(eGO)=|Canii: Gotta fill Aqua's stocking at christmas somehow

    Benuc being silly

    Ithuriel being silly

    Idol, on the scary story contest: [It's] too bad I [missed] this contest, else I would have entered with the shortest story ever:

    > sm_ban
    > [Console] you do not have access to this command

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