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    Lightbulb TF2 Recruiting and you! | Recruitment Host Info

    Welcome to Wize's guide on how to recruit in TF2!

    Recruiting is an important part of eGO. It's what keeps a division alive, healthy and running. A lot of people don't recruit because they think it's "too Hard" or they "Don't know how to do it" Well, I'm going to show you in the simplest and easiest way. As a recruiter, your job is to try to encourage pubs on our servers to join eGO and show what Edge-Gamers Organization is all about. At the same time, try and encourage members within the division to go out and help recruit!

    Your job doesn't end once you've recruited a member. Show them around a bit and introduce them to people within the division! Tell them to come out and hang in vent! Get them involved with the community more! You want them to feel apart of eGO and show that we accept anyone here and we want them to be a part of this great community.

    What is recruiting?
    Recruiting is the act of persuading players to join EdgeGamers. This is a privilege given to EdgeGamers' members. It's a great way for you to get noticed by leadership and may sometimes end up with a prize or two!

    What are the guidelines I have to follow to recruit?
    1. Recruiting is a task that requires lots of communication.
    2. Only recruit in EdgeGamers servers. Recruiting anywhere else is frowned upon.
    3. Make sure you have the proper links to the information any player would need on hand. (Example: PSC application thread, Server listing, etc.)
    4. Ask the player for their age. If they are under 13 they must fill out a COPPA form.
    5. The Team Fortress division recruiters do not wear a recruiter tag.
    6. Stay well informed with up-to-date EdgeGamers news. (Example: Tournaments, events, etc.)
    7. Let the player know about our Ventrilo.
    8. Don't overdo it! Recruit at a pace you find comfortable.
    9. If a player is known to break rules, do not put your effort into recruiting them.

    How do I recruit?
    1. Spot out a pub on the servers that look like they are having a good time! IF the pub is wearing a clan tag, its best to move on to another player.
    2. Send the person a friend request on Steam. In chat, politely ask the player to accept the request. If they accept, move on to step 3. If they deny it repeat step 1.
    3. The pub is curious on why you sent them a request. Act fast before they remove you.
    4. Go into spectator and begin to chat with the pub. Here are a few ice breakers that you can use to start off the process:
    • "Hey, enjoy the servers?"
    • "I see you on the servers a lot, ever think about joining?"
    • "So how long have you been playing TF2?"

    Of course, if you have one feel free to use it.
    5. Tell them about EdgeGamers. Boast about how we have thousands of members, daily events, and presence in over 10 games.
    6. Some players may have questions about the MAUL system. It is a system that links admin rights to every member in source-based games. We also use it for e's to track their progress in EdgeGamers.
    7. Inform them that an e's job is to play on the servers and keep up to date on the news posted in the forum.

    The Four easy steps

    Step #1 Registration

    Give them the link to the forums and tell them to register for an account. They will receive an activation at the address they provide in the registration. Make sure to let them know that the email is sent instantly and that if they cannot find it in their inbox to check their spambox. Sometimes the activation email ends up in there. Once they have completed the registration, their forum username will show up in the shoutbox. You can click their name to go to their forum profile and follow their progress.

    Step #2 MAUL Verification

    Get them MAUL verified. Find their SteamID by typing 'status' into your console. Give them the link to the 'My Game IDs' page.


    You can put their steam account URL here:

    Then paste their SteamID to them and tell them to paste it into the box on the 'My Game IDs' page and hit submit. After they have done this you can tell them to re-join the server or invite them to an eGO server.

    Step #3 Application

    Now all they need to do is post their application. Provide them with the link to the 'Start Here' thread in the PSC forums. this link and copy)

    Make sure to let them know that if they have any questions about their application you are standing by to answer them.

    Step #4 Retention

    Once they have been approved, send the new recruit an invitation to the TF2 Division Steam group. This will allow them to see notices about TF2 Division events and meetings. You should also try to get them into the Ventrilo server if they have a mic. Show them how much fun eGO can provide and the things that they can do here! You never know how great of friends you may be with that person! You can provide them with this link to get Ventrilo and our server info. this link and copy)

    Recruitment Drive Host!

    Not currently looking for any Recruitment Drive Hosts!


    • You've been at a rank of eG for at least 1 months.
    • Excellent Communication while playing
    • You are a good team worker.
    • You regularly play Team Fortress 2.
    • Want to help people on learning how to recruit
    • Free on some Thursdays


    Have everyone meet up in vent 10-15 mins before the event starts. Use the time to communicate with those that arrive early in vent to discuss of two servers to recruit on. Once decided, direct everyone to the first server for 30 mins and try to recruit on it. When you have been on that server for 30 mins switch to the other server. At the end of the event see who recruited the most! Whoever recruited the most will receive a prize.

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