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    Default Twas the night before lockdown

    Merry Christmas

    Twas the night before lockdown, when all through the jail,
    All Ts were rebelling, stabbing without fail.
    The clips for their guns were loaded for wear,
    in hopes that no ct would bother to care.

    The CTs were frightened, hiding in place,
    While the Ts destroyed their home and base.
    RDK with his kevlar, Mr. snappy on his head,
    hopped in a chopper, towards the jail it sped.

    Then from the armory, gunfire rang out,
    as Cts sprang forth with one rallying shout.
    With bullets for cover they ran for the heal,
    burst through the door then barred it with steel.

    The cts held out willing to survive,
    hoping that later back-up would arrive.
    Their hopes renewed as thundering arose,
    for it was the helo filled with the pros.

    With a crazy old pilot so skilled with the stick,
    landing in the courtyard so nimble and quick.
    Suited for assaults, they leaped onto the floor,
    fought their way to heal and blew down the door.

    "Blue!" was screamed out, from both sides, not one
    The united CTs now thought the battle was won.
    But with the Ts in armory, they had a lot on their plate,
    as even when united, they numbered but eight.

    Suppressing their m4s and checking the hallway soonafter,
    the team snuck out of heal and heard some feint laughter.
    A few Ts sat half circled, backs to the door,
    flashbang into a breach, and the Ts were no more.

    Out of the kitchen and into the mess hall,
    the cts pressed on, safety above all.
    Up a flight of stairs, towards a door to breach,
    but before they got there, it opened with a screech.

    A few Ts filed through, both teams caught by surprise,
    one of the CTs went down first, meeting his demise.
    One more went down before they mopped up the Ts,
    then they exited the room with an air of unease.

    The death of their allies was hard to accept,
    but they continued, and to the control room they crept.
    Trying their hardest to remain out of sight,
    still ending up losing another that dangerous night.

    The control room door was finally in sight,
    a blast proof door that was locked down tight.
    The keypad remained untouched by the riot,
    The cts stacked up, careful to be quiet.

    The code was entered and open the door rumbled,
    what went on inside, left their minds all jumbled.
    The warden was there, the Ts at his command,
    the rebellion it seemed, was something he had planned.

    Noticing ten times their numbers, the CTs began to surrender,
    with the expcetion of RDK, the lone contender.
    Opening fire on the warden and slaying the traitor,
    causing the Ts to freeze, returning fire later.

    He could activate lockdown if he only did it fast,
    as but seconds after, they would be killed to the last.
    So then he burst over, towards the button with desire,
    but mere feet before, his kevlar gave to the fire.

    He reached out real far, but not far enough,
    if only his kevlar was made of stronger stuff.
    Thinking of the end, his arm still extended,
    Only one hope remained on which the prison depended.

    A turtle moved forward, filling the Ts with dread,
    Mr. snappy lunged forth, hitting the button with his head.
    The gas that leaked forth, made barely a sound,
    "Happy lockdown you rebels, be seeing you next round."
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    Lol cool!

    (ALL) =(eGO)= captain dumdum pants: NICE SHOT JAIL NUB

    =(eGO)= Zimmy: You are the cream to my team.
    =(eGO)= Zimmy: Dream on.

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    You're missing the mass freekilll part
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    Quote Originally Posted by _MEGA View Post
    You're missing the mass freekilll part

    But really, very good! Original.

    Star Salesman, Beet Farmer, Bed and Breakfast Proprietor,

    Freelance Body Guard. Add to that list owner of this building.

    Then burn the list.[/CENTER]

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedDragonKnight View Post

    "Blue!" was screamed out, from both sides, not one
    The united CTs now thought the battle was won.
    But with the Ts in armory, they had a lot on their plate,
    as even when united, they numbered but eight.
    And thus began the new era of lore
    For the ts have come back for not love but gore.

    And respawning part...ect.

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