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Thread: Game reviews with Dutchoper72: Death Rally

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    Default Game reviews with Dutchoper72: Death Rally

    Game Reviews with Dutchoper72:
    Death Rally

    Death Rally is a top-down, death racing game made by Remedy, the makers of the early Max Payne games and Alan Wake series. If you ever played Alan Wake American Nightmare, Death Rally might be familiar as an Easter egg in the small arcade machine. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain.

    The whole game is a brand-new, loose storyline where you must race, kill, and win to face off the final Boss, known only as "The Adversary." Along the way you must upgrade your cars, get new rides, and unlock new weapons. Each race has you facing off on tracks with dangers around every turn and mini-bosses on each run. This game has to be the most fast-paced racing game I have ever come across.

    There can be only one survivor in Death Rally, but everyone gets to enjoy not only the single player campaign, but also Multi-player and Steam achievements. So if you like fast cars, fast action, and significant amounts of vehicular violence, check out Death Rally on sale now for $4.99 on Steam.

    Article By: Dutchoper72
    Image By: druidsd
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    Looks fun, Battle racing games couldn't excite me more. Games like Motorstorm is more like my kind of games

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    I've got this for the iPod Touch. It's very addicting and It's really fun if you get into it.

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    Nice article. Not my kind of game though. Although you do sell it rather well.

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