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    Steam for Linux Beta Now Available

    Nov 6, 2012--Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress) and leading technologies (such as Steam and Source), today announced the launch of a limited access beta for its new Steam for Linux client.

    The Steam for Linux Beta client supports the free-to-play game Team Fortress 2. Approximately two dozen additional Steam titles are now also available for play on Linux systems. Additionally, the Steam for Linux Beta client includes Big Picture, the mode of Steam designed for use with a TV and controller, also currently in beta.

    "This is a huge milestone in the development of PC gaming," according to Gabe Newell, Valve President and co-founder. "Steam users have been asking us to support gaming on Linux. We're happy to bring rich forms of entertainment and our community of users to this open, customer-friendly platform."

    The Steam for Linux Beta client is currently available for installation on Ubuntu 12.04. "An overwhelming majority of beta applicants have reported they're running the Ubuntu distro of Linux," according to Frank Crockett, a member of the Steam for Linux team, "We intend to support additional popular distros in the future; we'll prioritize development for these based on user feedback."

    Within its first week, Valve received over 60,000 responses to its request for participants in the Steam for Linux Beta. The first round of beta participants has been selected from this group of respondents.

    The Steam for Linux Beta client will become available to a widening group of users over the course of the beta. Subsequent participants will be chosen among survey respondents, and once the team has seen a solid level of stability and performance across a variety of systems, the Steam for Linux client will become available to all users of Steam.

    Steam is a leading platform for the delivery and management of PC and Mac games with over 50 million accounts around the world and over 2,000 titles offered.

    More details regarding Steam for Linux, including community discussion, beta participants' feedback, official announcements and syndicated news can all be tracked on the new Steam for Linux Community Hub at

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    awwwwww yeeehhhhh! First btw
    Vent Conversation

    Nightmare490: hey guys.
    Stoned Llama: Hey man.
    Nightmare490: well im gonna go ill cya later.
    Stoned Llama: WTF you just got in here after being gone for 6 hours!!
    nightmare490: yeah i know. well cya.
    a few minutes later...
    Nightmare490: Hey guys im back.
    Stoned Llama: WHAT!?
    Nightmare490: yeah i got tired of sleeping.

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    O. I didn't know you could not still download the beta.

    Kind of ruins my poll. Although we can still get a feel for how many people here would LIKE to try it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TriPPey View Post
    I guess this is good bye Mr. Gates.
    Bill Gates doesn't own nor run Microsoft anymore, im sure he owns stock though hes essentially nothing more than a figure head now, and hes been slowly fading from even that.

    Personally him not running it makes me question if its why things seem to be going downhill

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    Good move releasing on Ubuntu first. I believe the majority of desktop users are running Ubuntu in some form. There's so many versions of Linux out there, but now that the ball is rolling, if they allow the open source community to do what it does well, it'll be ported shortly to the other version.

    I applied for the beta, who knows if I get in though. Been using Linux in some flavor or another sine Fedora 5.

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    I personally like android, the code is simple and is compatible on almost anything, and easy to redesign almost any aspect of the graphical GUI.

    BUT, and there is a big but, I wont be putting android on my workstation any time soon, and I say the same to linux or unbuntu, in fact to any other OS than MAC or Windows. And the main reason is...... the majority of the software that is out there is only released for MAC or windows. And I like to have everything that is available to me with out the hassle of either waiting for software to be to developed for linux too. Or having the need to have 2 OS's on the PC just for certain software. And this is why I use Windows 7.

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    Nice! The only reason why I haven't changed to Linux is because of gaming. Ill wait for the full release of Steam for Linux before I switch operating systems though! GO LINUX!

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    My laptop hard drive = 66.6% (400 GB) Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS, 33.4% (200) GB Windows 7 (For Steam) I don't like the way windows runs, its so unstable. When Steam for Linux is released, Its Good bye Windows 7, Hello more space for Ubuntu
    I'm not sure I want to respond to that.
    And if I do, I'm not sure how to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Wolf View Post
    My laptop hard drive = 66.6% (400 GB) Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS, 33.4% (200) GB Windows 7 (For Steam) I don't like the way windows runs, its so unstable. When Steam for Linux is released, Its Good bye Windows 7, Hello more space for Ubuntu
    windows 7 is pretty stable man.
    will still keep windows 7 as i play games that aren't on steam.
    first computer i ever had was redhat.

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