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    Default Question about camping in jailbreak

    I was just wondering if that if you heard vents break or a T pursuing a secret and went to go pursue and while you're pursuing, another T comes into the secret and bop him in the head, is it considered camping?

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    2) What exactly is camping vents and secrets?
    Camping would be considered standing and blocking the entrance, exits or inside of the secret/vent.


    In this instance, since the CT hadn't been sitting in vents for an unreasonable amount of time for no reason, it wouldn't be considered camping. Also, you would have a reason to be in vents since you DID have suspicion and you were pursuing.

    On the other hand, if you go to persue vents, and then turn around and stare at the entrance for a while, then it would be considered camping, since at that point you're no longer persuing more than just "camping", staring at the entrance to the vent.

    I hope this answers your question!
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