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View Poll Results: Do you consider yourself mechanically inclined?

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  • It has a steering wheel, gas and brake pedal. What else is there to know?

    86 26.79%
  • Simple stuff; change plugs, filters, etc.

    44 13.71%
  • All of the above, plus oil changes

    55 17.13%
  • All of the above, plus stuff like brakes, pumps, etc

    61 19.00%
  • All of the above, plus engine/tranny rebuild.

    9 2.80%
  • All of the above, plus even more!

    53 16.51%
  • Other (please explain)

    13 4.05%
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    Default Do you consider yourself mechanically inclined?

    Do you consider yourself mechanically inclined?

    A friend of mine is currently rebuilding a Mustang. He had both the engine and transmission out of the car, totally torn apart, and was in the process of putting them back together. Was pretty cool.

    (He had torn both apart, ordered some new items, and was rebuilding)

    Being “older” than most of the people here, I grew up in an era where guys were expected to be able to do basic car “stuff. I've changed out water pumps, alternators, and starters.

    Last year, with the help of the above friend, I put new brakes on my Tundra, as well as new drums.

    I don't work on cars very often. Cars today have gotten pretty complicated. I prefer to tinker/work on my bike.

    I've had this bike 8 years now, and I can't count the number of times I've stripped it down to pretty much just frame, engine, and wires.

    The pic below was taking just a few weeks ago.

    Anyway, seeing my friend put the engine back together, made me wonder how many people could do basic mechanical stuff. Specially the “younger” crowed.

    I've seen some of the threads on eGO forums, dealing with engine builds and auto works, so I know some can.

    Let's find out

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    I really don't do much car/engine work at all except for small engines, but I do take a part a lot of things as an IT guy that need to get put back together working and with no extra parts left over.
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    I really don't do much car/engine work at all except for small engines, But I Did Stay at a Holiday Inn Express Last Night ...


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    Simple stuff
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    Simple things. Can't do complicated stuff.

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    All of the above, and pumps,brakes. I know my way around a car

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    never tried but it cant be much harder then building a computer XD

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    Cars? a good amount, other mechanically stuff yes. I'm a fast visual learner also, so that stuff comes easy to me once i see someone fix it twice or so.

    If you venture down this far, I feel for you. Though won't help you understand, Sorry.

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    Nice bike! Ezekiel... you kill me.
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    Put an oscilloscope and soldering iron in my hands and I can work magic with electronics; put a wrench in my hands and well...

    Artimus still hasn't forgiven me for wrecking his sweet ride.

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