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View Poll Results: What is your current post rank in the forums?

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  • Forum Junky

    20 5.73%
  • Forum Hound

    24 6.88%
  • Forum Fiend

    28 8.02%
  • Forum Zealot

    20 5.73%
  • Forum Fanatic

    19 5.44%
  • Messo Poster

    47 13.47%
  • Junior Member

    39 11.17%
  • Uber Poster

    34 9.74%
  • eGO Is My Life!!!

    51 14.61%
  • Meh, I can Customize it! More Cool!

    67 19.20%
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    Default What is your current rank in the forums?

    What is your current post rank in the forums?

    Thanks to "KR Decade" from the CS:S division for this poll suggestion

    (You can find your post rank by going to your profile)

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    I voted for "i can customize it", even though I haven't.

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    Forum junky. Ironically my name is trippey..

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    I have a custom one but if not for that, it would be Forum Fanatic.

    =(eGO)= Annihilator [SF]: Chuck is so cool, ammo boxes come out of his crotch
    =(eG)= hk401: hehe u keep camping, i gonna eat u like mcdonald fries
    (ADMINS) =(eGO)= Lungbuster4417-notag-:  How bout you take them pants off
    Quote Originally Posted by Q-tip View Post
    Yar, boyo... Aye, the dirty dozen events be fun, like a chest full o' booty.
    Sonicx11212: its stif
    Sonicx11212: Like It doesn't want to bend at all
    Sonicx11212: and I'm worried about bending it too far

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beta View Post
    My rank is #unfollowilllegend

    Well played sir.

    eGO Is My Life!!! is my title, because I'm a bau5.

    Thanks to TomsSound for the sig!

    Maserati: Suit needs to come off and jam jams need to go on

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    I can customize it but if I didn't it would be eGO Is My Life!!!

    That rank is quite true too. Having to make time in your day to get on the forums and make sure everything is a-okay is hard some days.

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