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View Poll Results: Are you a member of PSC?

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  • Yes

    54 16.82%
  • I used to be

    67 20.87%
  • No, and I don't want to be

    102 31.78%
  • No, and I can't because of my rank

    28 8.72%
  • No, but I want to be

    38 11.84%
  • I'm not an eGO member. Trolls unite!

    11 3.43%
  • Other (please explain)

    21 6.54%
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    Used to be, but due to time commitments couldnt stay
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    I recruited Idol, and then I was banned from recruiting after that.

    We all now know why.

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    Wow I cant believe I m the only person to say because of my rank. It drives me nuts knowing I could do much more but one rank separating me from it all.

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    No, but I've thought about it. I may give it a shot in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NMsniper View Post
    I am horrible with recruiting in general.
    Me too, but that didn't stop me from being PSC

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    I am a PSC member, but I find it hard to complete applications because some people decide to do them all.

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