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View Poll Results: In what types of games do you have the most fun?

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  • Action/FPS

    145 63.60%
  • Fantasy/Medieval MMORPG

    32 14.04%

    18 7.89%
  • Sci-fi MMORPG

    2 0.88%
  • Other (Please explain)

    31 13.60%
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    Default In what types of games do you have the most fun?

    In what types of games do you have the most fun?

    Thanks to Killamaster for this this poll suggestion.

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    i spent almost 15 years totally consumed by the role playing types of games. Now i stay away from them at all cost...

    I stick to the FPS games now. Jump in for a quick game or four, then back out.

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    All of the above. I like FPS but I have always had a wide section of my heart dedicated to MMO's like GW1&2.

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    I like more action, but enjoy all of them.

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    Visual Novels, and MoBas (or what ever dota 2 is)

    If you venture down this far, I feel for you. Though won't help you understand, Sorry.

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    I do a little bit of everything. I get bored fast if i have to do things over and over without a good result.

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    I like FPS and MMORPG but i voted for Fantasy and stuff, i have a lot more fun there than raging on TF2 or CS:S
    Gotta enjoy the life on engineering, no social life whatsoever but fun times with my head inside a book. /s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endiment View Post
    Kyogre's Drizzle made it rain!

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    No 4x/Strategy games? Bah.
    Quote Originally Posted by Artimus View Post
    Ezekiel... you kill me.

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