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    Name: The toaster

    Description: Burnt or crispy? This is something to Die for.

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    Name: "The Stinger"
    Discript: "m1 + m2 + axe = death"

    alt name: "The Puff and Sting"
    Alt Dscription: "fire, blast, axe, repeat"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varil View Post
    Name: Gaben's Fury

    Description: Legend has it that every time this weapon kills Ep. 3 is delayed another month.
    I loled

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    Quote Originally Posted by caps lock View Post
    i got another one!

    Name: I'm burning through the sky! Yeah!

    Description: 200 degrees! That's why they call me mr. Fahrenheit!

    Reference to this:
    i'm traveling at the speed of liiiight
    i wanna make a supersonic man out of you

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