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    Default Name my Degreaser Contest!

    What's that you say? A contest that doesn't require you to dominate one of the competitive team players? Yes! Here it is!

    Name my Degreaser!

    I had a few names, but when I went to use my Name Tag, they just weren't good enough.

    So, I leave it to you!

    I'm looking for a name and a description and I will give you a prize if I pick yours.

    If I pick the name you come up with, you will win first choice of a prize.

    If I pick the description you come up with, you will win second choice of a prize.

    Prize options:
    Strange Sniper Rifle w/ Headshots
    Strange Rainblower
    Strange Lollichop
    Strange Persian Persuader
    The Helmet Without a Home
    The Gentleman's Ushanka

    If I you come up with a Name and Description combo and I choose them both, you will get to chose 3 prizes from that list, or a secret prize that I will announce when the contest is over.

    So, get to it! Name my Degreaser!

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    Name: Flamer

    Description: I'm going to make you burn, WITH RAGE!

    You get it because flamers make people rage... and fire... and, and, and... I'll show myself out.

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    Name: The Riot Control

    Description: Controlling Riots everywhere since 2012
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    There are no strings on me.

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    Name: Gaben's Fury

    Description: Legend has it that every time this weapon kills Ep. 3 is delayed another month.

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    Ponyboy Da Greaser?
    Stay Golden(the joke is burning someone to a golden crisp )

    Lemon squeezer
    When life gives you 3 weapons, make lemonade out of your enemies.

    "FUS RO DAH!"
    The one they fear., Dragonborn!

    I don't want to set the world on fire
    I just want to start a flame in your heart

    Also is it cheating to put multiple ones up?
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    The one with all the ♪s

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    Something napalm related...
    Description: "Crouching Pyro, Hidden Napalm"

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    Name: Spy-B-Gone
    Description: Warning: Do not point at your face.

    Name: TrollFace.gif
    Description: U mad bro?

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    Name: You just got Burned!

    Description: Don't worry let me patch that up for you!

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    Because nothing says talent like w+m1!
    Ravioli, ravioli- give me the formuoli

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    Name: De-you-ser
    Desc: Removing you from this world one flame at a time

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