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    resuructed ginja couldn't come up with anything else so used a name generator

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    I suck so much at LoL.
    You don't want my Username.
    I actually don't want my username.
    I don't know my Username anyways.

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    Added myself to the list. This is a pretty cool idea. Ign name is the same as my forum name.

    Add Me On Steam!

    Why We Play ADC

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    brand new to league sgt. viktor actually got me into it but i'd be down to be a part of some sort of ego expansion. it's a fun game
    May the fires of Hell purge me clean

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    Default My name

    Quote Originally Posted by Lava View Post
    Please fill out this form so we can track who is active in league. This will also provide a list for other people wanting to play with others.

    Click Here!

    Please check if your name is already on the list:

    Click Here!

    If you would like to update your name or any other information, please just re submit the application and i will edit it in.
    My name on League is MAGICBLADE1

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    also i'm on the list
    i'm an elephant

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