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    Me and my bro are wanting to start back into LoL. We both have about 4 accounts (we get bored with PUGs bc ppl are just BAD) so we remake lol. If we can get in LoL with u guys semi regularly/regularly then we'll remake accounts.

    Edit: As of now, my main account i play on most of time/recently is Smurf No Here

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    Sorry i've been so innactive on the forums. My username on league is TurtleEggertsson. Add me (:

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    hey guys i love playing LoL. add me i like playing with people i know or wanna get to know not randoms. Im not amazing at the game but i pretty good. sometime i suck though. LoL all day everyday. i put my info stuff and my in-game name in the google docs thingy

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    summoner name: corn8hacker. Could use some friends and people that can help me become a better player.

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    I have been searching for people to play with lately! If you want to duo let me know and we can get some ranked games in there!

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    System: i7 @3.6ghz // 4Gb DDR3 // ATI 5770

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