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    Default Advanced Guard Tactics and Etiquette

    So these are just a few things that I think would make people better guards(not wardens, as there are already threads approaching the topic of being new, original, and fun in your wardening, while still maintaining control of your prison). In my humble opinion, being a good guard really boils down to 2 things: how you react to threatening(tactics) and nonthreatening(etiquette) situations. I'll try to cover some of the more general reactions.

    results may vary

    Etiquette, aka, Common Sense

    This is the thing I cannot stress enough. The primary point of jail is for us all to have fun, and its not very fun if you get killed for facing cells when you were ordered to face away. There's times when half the T team is killed straight out of cells for not fully understanding these orders, and it's painful to even watch it happen. The following will cover basic non threatening situations. A lot of guards will kill a prisoner for very minor things. Prime examples are killing a T straight out of cells for twitching, or exiting a second or 2 late. You don't need to kill him the first time he twitched, but neither should you need to remind him 5 times in 30 seconds that he is going the wrong way.

    If a T deviates from the path, point him in the right direction. As long as he doesn't do it for the sole purpose to obtain a gun or something, then his unintentional detour did nothing to put your team in danger, and there isn't much of a reason to kill him for it. I myself will "usually" only kill a prisoner for something that I deem dangerous to me or my team. Things like detouring over to a CT or a gun are generally things I would kill for. Detouring towards me, I usually just back up and let the T know he is making a mistake and should follow the orders, killing him if he continues his pointless chase.

    So there we have it, kill Ts for things that threaten you or your team, don't kill them for things that don't.

    Be Fair
    Being fair is one of those things that may encroach upon being lenient. If a T randomly kills a CT who was minding his own business, but was maybe baiting, then is it fair to the CT he killed to let him live? I would say not really. If a T is afk for the entire round and comes out when somebody should be getting lr, again, its not really fair to let him live. If he came out before any of the Ts were killed from a game, sure let him go with his friends.

    This is something to use common sense with. You should try and respond to player actions equally regardless of who the player is.

    Attention and Communication
    Now I have this in the Etiquette section because I'm going to explain the importance of paying attention to who won a game, rather than the tactical importance of watching for Ts running off without proper instruction.

    When playing games where you need to recognize who won first or who were the last 3 to a spot, it might not be the best idea to shoot them no matter how certain you are that they lost. It is always a safer and more accurate to just make a note in ct chat of who you saw as the winner/loser and confirm with the other CTs to see if they agree. Now if someone is still at the start of the track when everyone else has finished and the warden clearly typed go, then that's different.

    Generally, instead of shooting a person halfway across the track because you're so sure they're going to lose, just look at them and make a note, preferably in chat so you can reference it. Just make a note of their name, T skin, and then from there try to keep an eye on them to make sure they never pull ahead. If you aren't relatively sure of exactly who lost, just say the ones you are sure of and then say something like "That guy might also have lost, but I don't know, can another CT confirm?" Now, you have communication with your team and the word of multiple CTs agreeing that he had indeed lost.


    Check your corners

    Corners are a guard's nightmare. When rounding a corner, there could be Ts waiting on both sides to gang up on you, or even just 1 side. When approaching a corner that leads into a room, hug the wall and watch the side of the room opposite your wall. Don't go so far that your back becomes exposed, just enough to see if someone is immediately on that side of the wall. Then do the same thing on the other side. If Ts weren't supposed to be on that wall hiding, proceed to kill them using advanced backing up strategies (found later) so they can't sink their cold steel into your flesh. Now that those pesky ambusher(s) are dead, proceed into room.

    As you can see, there aren't any Ts on that side of the wall, and if there were, you are far enough away that you should be able to take them down no problem. Any T on the same side as you can still get you if you become too focused on any T in front of you and you stand still.

    Note: Some tight corridors you will not be able to get a good enough look without exposing yourself. In these situations quickly peak out and then get back in the corridor. If you're fast enough, a T won't be able to knife you and will come into the corridor after you(or just keep hiding, but now you know he's there so he will probably run off).

    The fine art of the tactical withdrawal
    Some of the worst things you can do when a T rushes you are:
    1. Begin spraying in a panic, hitting everyone behind him and possible freedamaging/freekilling multiple people
    2. Standing still and letting him kill you
    3. If you weren't paying any attention, then instantly shooting him without knowing he is really rebelling can also be a horrible thing to do.

    If a T starts rushing you, panicking is the worst thing you can do. First thing you want to do, is to bring out your sidearm and start making some distance so you don't get knifed. Next, you want to angle yourself so you aren't going to shoot through him and into someone else. When you have a shot, shoot him in the face.
    Note: Sometimes, in narrow corridors, the only way you are going to get a shot is by aiming low. Shooting someone multiple times in the leg is a good way to kill him without hitting anybody behind him, as long as you fire in controlled bursts to prevent noticeable muzzle climb.

    Keep your distance
    This falls into one of the jail rules, do not bait the terrorists. At all times you should maintain a respectable distance. A lot of the time, CTs like to follow closely behind the Ts when they are told to go somewhere. If a T stops to type, usually some CTs do not and will keep going until they are breathing down his neck. At this point, its just a matter of taking 2 steps back for him to kill you. You are given an assortment of ranged weapons, use them at a distance.

    There is no reason to follow 5 feet behind the Ts, as it makes it difficult to defend yourself if one sneaky T pretends to be typing while stopped, and then just runs backwards and kills you because you didn't stop when he stopped. If the T can get to you in under 1-2 seconds, you are too close and after lag/reaction time is factored in, you will be knifed.

    Nice distance away from the Ts and behind some low cover.

    Cover the entire path to a destination
    An alternative to following the Ts from a safe distance is staying ahead of them on a catwalk either at their destination or in the middle of the pathway they are taking to their destination. Ideally, you will want a few guards waiting at the destination, a few guards trailing from behind, and a few guards in the middle to prevent any Ts from running away.

    • If nobody is watching the back, the Ts aren't being forced to follow orders. They can just turn around and run off.
    • If nobody is watching the destination, the Ts can setup an ambush once they are there to slay the CTs as they arrive. Or again, they can just run off.
    • Nobody watching the middle is kind of different than the previous two.

    • Sometimes the Ts are moved in a way that as long as there are CTs in the back and at the destination, there won't be anywhere to go that isn't an enclosed area, which will allow the CTs picking up the rear to take them out. This mainly has to do with how the warden moves the Ts and the area the Ts are being moved to, as well as what map is currently being played.
    • Other times, say for example the map is blackops and the Ts are told to run from the bumblebee line to disco. The CTs are setup on the catwalk outside of armory and outside the ak house. While some of the rear-guard CTs in this specific situation can move to protect the middle, let's assume that this time they are unable to, as on most other maps, they won't be able to without exposing themselves. So, if no CTs are watching outside prior to the gate into the area where disco is located, the Ts are free to hide behind the doors to ambush CTs or climb the ladder into the CT area to grab an awp, allowing them to snipe the CTs still located indoors.

    That T has a gun, what now?

    If he is not stacked up, you want to get him to drop the gun without passing it on or putting you in danger. You want the T to face away from you to drop the gun and you need to make sure no other Ts hang around to run to it when he does drop it or rebels and gets killed.

    If the T is stacked, the warden needs to unstack the Ts as shooting into stacks is not allowed. Try to do whatever you can to stay alive and make the T waste the shots in his weapon. If it is a T gun, it usually doesn't get reserve ammo, so the gun will be empty in a few seconds. You want to make sure that no cts are close enough to the stack so that if they do get killed, no T can just run out, get the gun, and run back in without much effort. When they are finally told to unstack, hopefully the warden either told them to unstack against a wall or something else in a way so they could not get any guns, or you just get back into the same predicament.

    Watching your fire

    A big factor on what separates a good guard from a not so good guard is when he chooses to shoot the Ts. If you are being both lenient and fair and still decide to kill a T, you must make sure that you can do so without harming anyone unintentionally. "Crossfire" is just a CTs attempt to not get punished for freedamaging.

    Some things you want to check for when making sure you have a shot are:
    1. Ts behind who you are shooting as your bullets will penetrate whoever you are shooting and hit them too
    2. Ts very close to the side where recoil can push your weapon into them
    3. Ts in front of who you are shooting... obviously...
    4. Ts that may run in front of your shots.

    CT Areas, use them.
    CT areas such as catwalks and guard towers are vital for survival as a guard. Railings, windows, and walls provide some protection against bullets, which is more than being out in the open on the ground floor. Being elevated also gives you a better angle of attack to kill a rebelling T, unless he is in a stack. Also, for a T to knife you, they have to come into an autowant. You no longer have to worry about telling them to back away or anything, you can shoot them the moment they enter the area.

    Jumping down from a CT area if you can't see a T is something that should be used sparingly and with caution. You don't want to jump down to kill a rebel only to have jumped in front of the innocent Ts, leading to one of them rebelling and killing you. Wait on the catwalk and identify the Ts as they go, looking for the rebel. They will usually try and clip into others to make your life difficult. Remain vigilant and keep an eye out. Kill them when you have a clean shot and it's safe to execute them.

    When the booth is restricted, it is usually the safest place in a disco. Usually elevated with glass walls for protection, your survivability is increased two fold.

    Get an Accurate Count
    So you're thinking about checking cells, but are there 6 Ts, or only 5? It's best to count a few at a time (I usually count 3 at a time) instead of 1 by 1 so you can count them faster, reducing the chance that you count the same T twice or don't count one at all. After you count them, count them again to make sure your count is accurate. You should try and grab a count every so often to make sure no Ts got away inbetween orders.

    Counting up the Ts when they are moving or doing a game is necessary to prevent your team from separating, or staying separated, in search of rebels that don't exist. Lots of times you can see a CT continuing a search when he finds one rebel because none of the CTs watching the Ts bothered to let him know all the Ts were there.

    Effectively use your numbers

    After you get a count and you have determined that some of the Ts are in fact, rebelling, you need to determine how best to deal with them. Sometimes, you can wait around doing games to get an LR and the T will come to you, other times he will not and you need to go to him. It's almost a guarantee that the T will be armed and camping in an easily defensible position. One thing you do not want to do is leave the warden without enough manpower to effectively control the Ts. Doing so leaves the prisoners open to rebel, and leaves the rest of your team vulnerable. If there is a small amount of rebels, say 1-3, you should try and have their number +- 1. You don't want your search to be a guaranteed slaughter, but neither do you want to use assets unless they are necessary.

    If you get to a LR without the other rebels coming out, gather up all the guards and either have the last prisoner show you where they are or leave him at a designated location. There's really not a reason to just leave your friends to do the dangerous bit while you watch the only alive non rebel just so you can instantly pad your kill count by killing him when your team is killed.

    When searching, you want to stick together while avoiding funneling down a hallway or going in 1 at a time. When breaching into a room, I find it best to jump through the doorway. This way, if the T is aiming for a headshot, they will hit your body, and if they are aiming lower, they will miss. This buys you a few split seconds in a firefight to take out the rebel(s).

    If you do not have enough guards to effectively search for the rebels while still keeping the non-rebels watched, then let the rebels go.

    Be Swift
    All these tactics cannot help you if you do not execute them in a timely manner. The longer you wait, the better prepared the Ts will be when you decide to take them on. There will be a point however, that too much time has passed and the rebel will be fully setup and taking your time won't make him better prepared. If you see someone run to armory or vents, rush in after him (as long as you are not baiting or putting yourself in any danger by doing so). You need to find the fastest way to maneuver through the Ts without putting yourself anywhere near at risk to kill that rebel before he can get guns and consolidate his position

    Ideally, you want to engage the T before he gets his gun or as close to when he gets the gun as possible so he cannot get into cover and your chance of survival is at its highest. When running, try and have your sidearm out so you move faster. Never run with your knife out, as you will never be able to defend yourself properly.

    When climbing up a ladder, you want to look straight up. Strafe into the ladder and move forward. So if the ladder is to your right, you should hold W and D. If the ladder is to the left, hold W and A. If done correctly, the speed at which you climb a ladder will go from ~280 to ~390. Running speed with a knife is 250.

    To move up a ladder, face straight upwards and strafe INTO the ladder while moving forward.

    To climb down a ladder, you want to look straight down. Strafe away from the ladder and again move forward. If the ladder is on your right, you should hold W and A. If it is to your left, you hold W and D. You strafe the opposite way going down than you do going up.

    To move down a ladder, face straight downwards and strafe AWAY from the ladder while moving forward.

    When all else fails...
    So your team is dead, the jails in ruin, you're ammo is all gone, a knife is sticking out of your side, your kevlar is shredded, the bombs ticking, and an arrow is in your knee, its time to panic and begin killing everyone, or just kill yourself. Just do what you can to end the round quickly, as a lot of people are waiting, so they can play again and have some fun.

    If you're doing an LR like s4s or something, just do the lr if you're last guard(assuming you can do it quickly. If its going to take too long, just kill the T, as others are waiting. Exception if there are like 5 people in server, just do whatever keeps the game fun at that point). If you were designated to sit out, or if the T rebelled and killed the winner of the game or something, just kill him. There is no need to give him another LR and delay the round further.

    If you did end up freekill someone, it's not the end of the world. Simply apologize to them and make sure it doesn't happen again. If you feel really sorry, maybe because you did it multiple times or something, then go ahead and join the T team.
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    Great thread man =D. I think that the main point here is that we're all on Jail because we want to have fun.

    Cts that go above and beyond the things pointed out in this thread to stay alive like killing Ts for almost anything, usually makes Jail not a very enjoyable environment. I hope that the mean Cts can learn from this thread to keep Jail enjoyable =D.

    (ALL) =(eGO)= captain dumdum pants: NICE SHOT JAIL NUB

    =(eGO)= Zimmy: You are the cream to my team.
    =(eGO)= Zimmy: Dream on.

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    Wow! Now I can join the Dark side of the force and be a good stormtrooper for once.

    Thanks Red.
    To whomever is concerned:

    I'm just taking a break from gaming as I try to get some real life stuff dealt with.

    As they always say, "They always come back...."

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    what is this, there is more to just pew pew at all the random terrorist you see

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    Thanks red i knew all of that since i almost been playing year for two years

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmsniper View Post
    what is this, there is more to just pew pew at all the random terrorist you see :o
    there is?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    what has this world come to:o

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedDragonKnight View Post
    A lot of guards will kill a prisoner for very minor things. Prime examples are killing a T straight out of cells for twitching, or exiting a second or 2 late. This person now has to wait an extreme amount of time before he can enjoy the game. Not everything needs to be so black and white. You don't need to kill him the first time he twitched, but neither should you need to remind him 5 times in 30 seconds that he is going the wrong way. If a T deviates from the path, point him in the right direction. As long as he doesn't do it for the sole purpose to obtain a gun or something, then his unintentional detour did nothing to put your team in danger, and there isn't much of a reason to kill him for it.
    I myself will "usually" only kill a prisoner for something that I deem dangerous to me or my team. Things like detouring over to a CT or a gun are generally things I would kill for. Detouring towards me, I usually just back up and let the T know he is making a mistake and should follow the orders, killing him if he continues his pointless chase.
    Yes, very true. I think every guard does this (I know I do sometimes). When cell doors open cts kill ts for the smallest things but then when ts detour (on purpose cts just sit there and let the ts run away.

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