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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipengel View Post
    Andy, You are no longer welcome on my CS Italy server!!! traitor.... lol
    I'm gonna WRECK Italy... just sayin.

    Scout rush apts all day long, like a boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by konigandy6 View Post
    Well if you see a Silverado driving around with the plate, make sure you come say hi, because it's me!

    That calls for a picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikkel View Post
    That calls for a picture.
    Will deliver... as soon as the plate gets to my house.

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    Looks pretty awesome.
    Forgotten were the elementary rules of logic, that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence
    and that what can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

    ― Christopher Hitchens

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    Nice man XD

    Thanks to Mithos Riot for the Signature!

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    thats so sweet
    "Can't stop the unstoppable"- BiG AfRiCAN

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