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    Default CS:S Dust2 - Ranked 6th in the World

    CS:S Dust2 - Ranked 6th in the World

    Did you know that Dust 2 is eGO's most popular Counter-Strike: Source server? Well, if you didn't, you do now. With an average of 41 players connected at any given time, the Dust 2 server is ranked 2nd in the United States and 6th in the world.

    For 3 years we at eGO have worked hard to rank this high. It's a huge deal and worthy of celebration. To put the magnitude of this accomplishment in perspective, the eGO Dust 2 server is ranked 6th out of over 15,000 CS:S servers from around the world according to GameTracker.

    Now is a great time to start playing on Dust 2. With its already large player base, you can be assured that there will always be someone to play against. Plus, with player rankings being reset recently, it's the perfect time to hop on and help our server keep its prestigious status.

    What are you waiting for? Let's play some Dust 2!

    Article By: Martyr
    Image By: Ill Legend

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    I'll be sure to play more Dust2 ;D

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    Congrats to all pubs playing and eGO members that have played on Dust for the past 3 years! It means a lot to us , well stop reading this and go play some CS:S! (:

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    I feel Proud playing in that server even though my score is around the 900s

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    Now if only the TF2 servers were ranked that high...

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    This would explain how it's pretty much always populated near capacity.

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    Dust 2 is amazing, hopefully this success carries over to cs:go!

    Congrats to all members of CS:S division for this massive feat of strength!


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