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    First of all i would just like to show you how you can request access to our recruiting forums.

    what your going to want to do is look at the top tab Of your page, where your My groups at the top of your screen it will look like This

    once you click on the page it will bring you to your my groups page once you have gotten to your my groups page head down and look for Edgegamers Recruitment

    once you have located this group click on the box like so

    now that you clicked the box your going to head down to the button of the page a request of the access by pressing the

    button that then will redirect you to the reasoning page, you really dont have to put a reason but it is helpful to put one i suggest putting i want to get into recruiting

    Once you have requested access you'll have to wait for One of the Division leaders, or Recruitment Advisors to accept your request for the access
    *Note it may take a bit for your request to get accepted as our leadership do have things to do wand wont be able to check 24/7


    Recruiting is an essential in keeping our divisions running. by Generating new recruits we can Also generate new Admins Which can also add to our Event Coordinator group and our Admin training group. Not only does it help our community as a whole it keeps our servers full and active which can also gain more pubs. If you dont know how to recruit or dont know where to get started request access anyway! there are tuns of informative threads there to help you get started in recruiting there will also be announcements in the recruitment forums about recruitment contests and recruiting drives.
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    If you don't have access to our recruitment forums please visit This Link

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    I have joined the group but I don't have access to the forums. :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by Believer View Post
    I have joined the group but I don't have access to the forums. :
    You must wait until they accept you and give you access. If you still don't have it talk to leadership about it

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    sorry, I had left that out by accident
    If you don't have access to our recruitment forums please visit This Link

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    Allright, joining so i can try to get many moar recruits :D

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    Done, thanks for the thread.

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    Thanks! I just requested access.
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    And remember guys, all recruits you get between Feb 1st and March 1st count in our recruiting contest!

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