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Thread: eGO Idling

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    Quote Originally Posted by codo View Post
    it is not valve's fault that this does not work on macs.
    I wasn't attempting to say that it was. I actually don't think there's anything Valve could do about this apart from re-writing a portion of the Mac operating system itself.

    Edit: workaround found. See below
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    Actually I think I found a way to do this on mac

    Command + H. This will hide the window even in full screen. You can manually turn down your sound ahead of time to eliminate the noise too. Still pull on the processor and stuff but it's better than nothing.

    Could also use scripts for the sound stuff too

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    Maybe I was unclear. Setting the launch options (to -textmode -nosound) manually does significantly reduce the load on the system, but it doesn't open the game in a "console" mode like it does on windows. It just gives you a black screen when in game (still allows access to change server and console), which I'm sure uses as little or perhaps fewer resources then when having the game in the background or having it hidden with Command-H.

    Also, I just found a workaround for the tool yesterday. I'm still working out the fine details with gaming, and we should have a final product by the end of the week (or perhaps by early next week). As is, the Mac tool functions the same as the windows one except when Steam is not open (in which case it opens TF2 in idling mode but doesn't connect to a server). Since the main thing the tool is trying to avoid is having to change the launch options by hand every time you want to idle (and then having to change them back when you're done) I think the Mac tool would be quite useful as is. However, depending on what gaming wants, I may make some additions so it can work fully in all situations.

    The links to download the Mac version will be added to gaming's first post when it is completed.

    There also can be a DOD:S version of the Mac tool (perhaps I should go post over there to see if it's wanted), thought I would need testers as I don't have DOD to test it with.

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    how do I chat btw? I can't seem to type when I'm in console mode.

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    The console mode on windows doesn't allow any sort of input. On Mac it acts a little more like the actual game and you can still access the in game console, which allows for typing in chat via the say and say_team commands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vudu View Post
    I have DOD oey.
    Sweet. I'll be sure to get you a download link when it's done.

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    The .bat file isn't working for me. When I launch it, it just closes instantly and when I run it as an admin, it says the file isn't in the right folder.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    thanks for this, i will use it often for when im in class.

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    I've been using this for a while now and up until yesterday, I've been finding items fairly regularly. I restarted it yesterday and have been idling for over 24 hours....haven't found anything.

    Has Valve changed anything with the drop rate?

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