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Thread: eGO Idling

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    Great tip! :D
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    Yay! This way even though i cant play TF2 with my crappy laptop I can help idle them!
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    This is a very good way to idle in server.

    Gaming you deserve 5 Stars today for this post

    We should all be using this to get back our servers ......

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    This doesn't really work on Macs take away one of Gaming's stars.

    You can't get five stars on something if you didn't ask your roommate to check if it worked on all devices (that support TF2) before posting.

    Why no text mode on Macs? Steam gets minus four starts for not supporting Macs as well as they should.

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    Idling is the key thing right now with the IP changes. Everyone can make a large difference to server popularity by doing something as simple as this.

    Please idle.

    Thank you for posting this information.

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    Being Idle = Coolest thing sence sliced bread

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    Just edited original post to include launching scripts. :D

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    And sorry to Mac users. I tried to re-write Gaming's batch scripts for the Mac, but didn't get them to a usable level. They worked fine, but required restarting Steam every time you wanted to idle in a server. This is because of how applications get opened on the Mac as opposed to windows

    So unless someone comes up with some brilliant workaround, Mac users will have to stick with the advanced option of changing the launch option.

    Note: -textmode doesn't open TF2 in a console mode like it does on windows, but it displays a black screen when logged into a server and it significantly reduces CPU usage and mildly reduces memory usage.

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    it is not valve's fault that this does not work on macs.

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