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Thread: eGO Idling

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    Default eGO Idling

    This post is how to idle by running TF2 in text mode. Textmode requires less resources then running it in full mode, allowing people with lower end computers to idle in the servers.

    I made this post to help fill servers, not to get items in TF2.

    DOD:S Version
    CS:S Version

    Simple Version
    1. Download the installer
    2. Double-click on the installer you just downloaded and follow the steps.
    3. Double-click the Desktop icon or the Start Menu icon to start the Idling tool.
    4. Select the game you want to idle on.
    5. Select a server to idle on.
    6. TADA now you are idling.

    1. Download the tool
    2. If you're not using Safari, unzip the downloaded zip file
    3. If you like, copy the application into your Applications folder or anywhere else on your computer
    4. Open the application
    5. Click buttons
    6. Send oey192 a PM if anything doesn't work.

    The Mac version works for TF2, DOD:S, CS:S, CS:GO

    Advanced Version
    How to set Launch Options:
    1. Go into your steam library
    2. Right-click Team Fortress 2 and click Properties
    3. Click the button Set Launch Options
    4. Enter the desired Launch Options in the box.

    Launch Options:
    -textmode -nosound -nopreload +connect
    • Code:
    • Makes TF2 load into a console instead of a full window. This will use less resources then running TF2 in full mode.

    • Even when running in console there still is sound, use this to turn sound off.

    • Doesn't preload game resources, increases launch time in textmode.

      +connect serverip
    • When TF2 is started in textmode without this flag it will not join a server.

    To go back to the normal TF2 just remove all these launch options.
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    Awesome, now it's super easy for me to idle during the day. Thanks!

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    Nice tip, I had no idea you could do this.

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    Thumbs up Thanks

    Thanks, i go on no glass idling servers where i can set up my strange nade launcher to auto reload and fire (thats how i have 30000 kills on it).

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    Thanks, makes idling sooo much easier and makes my GPU much quieter!
    There are no strings on me.

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    Thanks for the tip !
    I had no idea you could do this :p

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    |Guys, this meant that you have to pathfind the eGO servers.
    get to work, oh and nice tiip mate, pretty handy <3
    have any questions about becoming a real doctor? PM me !

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