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    Killing it with Teemo
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    Hope that works...Second time ever playing Heimerdinger. It was magical

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    The sound Desynched a bit.
    21-3 MissFortune

    22-3 MissFortune

    Also, Lux moneyshots. - Double Snare/Ult/E combo - Double Ult - Double Snare/Ult/E/Auto save
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    Well, I am not one to brag but... Gold within two weeks (39 matches)? Totally doable.

    I just finished King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella. It was one of two King's Quest games on that I had never played before, the other being Mask of Eternity, and I have been working my way through every Sierra adventure game. Overall I really enjoyed it. It is a big improvement over the previous three and a lot less tedious, although it still had a few random deaths and a couple of illogical puzzle solutions. Pretty darned good puzzle adventure game.
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