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Thread: Vayne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jashadow View Post
    90% of all vaynes I see can get themselves fed and therefore BE overpowered. That's all I'm saying. Is she OP? I still think she is; her ability for true damage is just ludicrous. My opinion on her is like my opinion on Irelia, and her true damage ended up getting nerfed. Of course, I think 30% of the new champions that come out are just overpowered as it is, but this is my opinion. I'm tell you what I think, because I want to state my opinion, because I believe it is correct. You can disagree with it, and I respect that.

    I can't disagree with what you believe, because its what you believe, I can't contradict it. This is what I think:

    In my opinion, for a champion to be overpowered, the champion must be able to output large amounts of damage even under countered conditions.

    An example of a counterable champion would be Annie. Few months ago she was considered one of the strongest casters, but there exists champions such as Kassadin to shut down said champions. So is annie overpowered? no, because there are champions to counter her, she only fits her role as a mage.

    Now a special case is Irelia. She was truly the FoTM, for one reason: 3 types of damage, a reduction of cc from her passive, and her tanky-ness per lvl. Her Q was the gap closer, the W was the truedamage/lifesteal and the E was the cc. She excels in her category Of course she needed a nerf, there was barely any counter to irelia, she was a pubstomper. She gets in your face. You can't really say anything about Irelia because she does her job very well, to focus the carry, her main role. Now Pre-nerf and Post-buff Irelia OP? I can agree with you there.

    Now, compare Vayne to Irelia. True damage check, mobility check, 1 cc check, 1 escape check and no tanky ness. However she can be cc'ed. So what makes her excel in her category? The damage. Which got slightly touched to jump down to the same level as other carries. But, Vayne can be focused down just like Ashe and Corki, so in the big picture, she's just another carry. Can she 1v5? no, thats not her role.

    What I'm trying to say is this, champions can't be considered overpowered, because they all have their roles to fit.

    TL;DR: You gotta consider cs, gold, level, and team role to classify a champion as OP
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    I don't think she is OP, never thought she was. She was a strong champ and I believe the adjustments made helped bring her to the proper level.

    I think the problem here is that people play way to aggressive against certain champs that once those champs snowball they become hard to stop. When I lane against those type of champs I play defensive, and poke them a little here and there. Get them to over commit and them put a little burst on them. If that doesn't force them to go back, then poke a bit more. Get them out of lane for a bit where they aren't getting XP and gold and they get behind. Oh, and MOST important try not to die to them by playing safe. If they can't get those kills they can't build items very fast. Too many people chase and die and that starts the snowball effect.

    Of course that's my style of play, but I am just an average player that has found something that works for me.

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    I think you guys are setting the burden of proof a little too high for this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aneruen View Post
    I think you guys are setting the burden of proof a little too high for this forum.
    We will never see any intelligent discussions in this forum with that kind of thinking.

    The thread would just be:

    Vayne is op because in my experience she almost always does well.

    No she isn't, I've seen the opposite thing happen.

    That's your opinion.



    No one learns anything, no one comes away from the discussion any smarter. It was pointless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carmine View Post
    No one learns anything, no one comes away from the discussion any smarter. It was pointless.

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