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Thread: DoD:S FAQ's

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    Default DoD:S FAQ's

    Table of Contents

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    Default Leadership Roster And Responsibilities

    Below is the current leadership roster for the Day of Defeat Source division, arranged first by rank, then alphabetically.
    This roster also includes individual leadership member responsibilities. The point of this roster is to prevent confusion among
    members, in regards to which member of leadership to contact first, for any specific inquiry. We hope that by posting this roster,
    our members will feel more inclined to contact leadership, and will become more knowledgeable in regards to how your division
    operates. I will do my best to keep this roster updated as people come and go, and as responsibilities change. As always, if you
    have questions concerning the roster itself, please contact me directly via private message.

    On a final note, please follow the chain of command where possible.
    If an advisor has the power to deal with your problem, contact them before a DL or community manager.


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    Default Stat Farming/Padding

    Stat Farming and Stat Padding are both against eGO rules. The punishment for taking part in either one of these actions can vary from a stern warning to a permanent ban from all eGO servers and nine out of ten times will result in the latter.

    Note that even though this post is in DoD:S General Forums, most of eGO's divisions have a stats system. And stat padding/farming violations in other divisions will meet strict punishment. That being said, if you wear eGO tags outside our servers and are caught stat padding/farming on others' servers you might face even stricter punishment for the violation than had you broken the rule on our servers.

    Now, an explanation of what stat padding/farming means. To start off the two terms stat padding and stat farming, for all intensive purposes and as far as leadership is concerned, mean the exact same thing. So do not get confused by hearing both terms. For the rest of this post I will use the term 'stat farming' for simplification.

    From Urban Dictionary (edited for DoD:S)

    Also known as "point farming", "point padding", "stat padding", etc, is most frequently used in reference to online games such as Day of Defeat Source, Counter Strike Source, etc. Stat farming is the act of recieving undeserved points due to abnormal and unhelpful game play. One of the most common occurrences is when 2 or more players go out to a flag and alternate capturing the flag continuously (flag captures are worth six points), without the intention of shooting at each other, or with the intention of simply gaining points. The less extreme examples of stat farming is when a player returns to their spawn area to change class in order to respawn in order to replenish ammunition, nades, health, etc. Once you leave the spawn area, defined generally by spawn protection, you are not allowed to return to your spawn area and change classes for any reason whatsoever. This process can be repeated indefinitely, and this sort of devious stat farming will ALWAYS result in a permanent ban from eGO servers. Other less extreme examples, which rarely but can result in a permanent ban, include binding "kill" and/or using it to suicide after a round has been won or lost. Running out of a window and taking damage from a fall is fine, but any console command used to kill yourself it strictly prohibited in all situations with the exception of being stuck. The same goes for "spec jumping", switching to spectator during OR after a round is won or lost in order to avoid being killed or hurt.
    If you see someone spec jumping or suiciding by bind for the first time ignore it and do not take action other than warning that player against it in text chat (not over a mic). After a warning if the player continues to stat farm, record a demo of the player breaking the rules mentioned above and submit a ban request in the same fashion you would request a ban and submit a demo for a hacker.

    Specific situations will be mediated by leadership on an "as they occur" basis, but this guide should give you all a very good idea of what to avoid and what to look for.

    As people have mentioned in the past in numerous threads, playing for points is not against the rules. If you want to, for example, hide close to a flag waiting for an enemy to capture it, then immediately take the flag back without shooting at or killing the enemy just to gain points that is fine, as long as you ask nobody on the enemy team to not shoot at you. Again, stat farming is the act of recieving undeserved points due to abnormal and unhelpful game play. Stat farming in most cases will be determined through common sense.

    If you ever have questions about or regarding an incident of stat farming, please go straight to an advisor to seek clarification. I will periodically add Q&A's to this post for complex incidents with correct responses.


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    Default Performance Tweaks


    Improve Your Choke (contributed by Artimus)

    My choke was all over the place - From 0 to 50. Deacon did some magic to the server and recommended the following commands. Now I pretty much stay under 5 choke. Be careful with these three commands, the correct values can differ with your geographical location.

    rate 50000 (for 10mbps connections and up (rate 25000 for slower connections)
    cl_interp 0.033 (for NA-based players only)
    cl_updaterate 67
    cl_cmdrate 67
    You can put those commands in your console each time you connect, or, better yet, change them in your autoexec.cfg so they will always be there. I found that file here:

    C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/day of defeat source/dod/cfg/
    Edit the file with Notepad, changing the values to those above. If that stuff above doesn't make sense to you, don't bother with it. You may make things worse.

    Technical Terms (contibuted by Slayr357)

    • Ping Lag
      This is a general online gaming term, and refers to a situation where there is a delay between the actions of your character, and its impact on the environment, due to your Internet connection. For example, shooting your gun at a target, and the hit being registered a fraction of a second later. This lag occurs because of Ping which is the time in milliseconds for the round trip between when you do something on your computer, that data being sent to the server through your internet connection, registered, and the impact returned to your computer and displayed on your screen. The lower your ping, the less of this lag you experience, the higher your ping, the more lag you experience. To view your ping in real-time during a game, open the console (press ~) and type "net_graph (1,2, or 3)" (without quotes) to turn on/turn off a network statistics display).

    • Packet Loss
      If you have a relatively low ping but you are experiencing a 'warping' effect, whereby walking forward a few steps sees you suddenly warp back to where you started, then you are getting packet loss. This means that some of the information being sent/received through your internet connection to the server is being lost en route, and has to be re-sent immediately. There are two causes of packet loss - client side and server side. Client side is your PC and your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you experience packet loss on all servers, and in various games then the likely culprit is the setup of your modem/network card/adapter and/or your ISP may be having problems. Contact your ISP for correct setup details and also to determine whether they have a known issue. Most often packet loss is due to a particular server experiencing problems and dropping packets. Leave the server in question and/or contact the server admin if it's a private server to inform them of the problem.

      If you have a low ping and your character is not warping around, but your graphics feel slow, stuttery or 'laggy', this has nothing to do with your internet connection or the server, or high ping players on the server. This is specific to your system and is caused by one or both of the following:

      • Stuttering
        If you have a low Ping, but experience frequent pauses during a round, some of which can be longer, some shorter, often occurring when you first see or hear a new item, character or sound, this is called Stuttering. It is often erroneously referred to as 'Lag', but it has nothing to do with your Internet connection. Stuttering is simply your system struggling to get updated information not from the Internet, but from your hard drive, RAM, GPU, or CPU. It can be reduced by optimizing your drive, making better use of memory, updating video card drivers, or physically upgrading your computer hardware. If none of these immediate steps help, you will most likely need to purchase more RAM and/or a faster hard drive, CPU, and/or GPU.

      • Graphical Slowdown
        If you have a low ping, but your graphics and controls feel 'laggy', especially during combat and heavy firing, you are experiencing a graphical slowdown. This is not based on your internet connection, it is directly the result of your system - especially your graphics card - struggling to draw all the details and special effects on the screen. The only resolution to this issue is to update video card drivers or purchase a newer video card (GPU). If you need help updating drivers, head on over to the Tech Help Forum and request assistance, or ask anyone with a "Tech Help Guru" achievement.

    • High Pingers are giving me the Lag!
      This is blatantly untrue. High ping players joining a server may give a momentary ping spike, but once they are on the server, as annoying as it may be to see them warping about or running into walls, their ping does not impact directly on your ping in any significant way. The server allocates a maximum capped amount of bandwidth to each individual so again a player with a higher ping cannot draw more bandwidth than anyone else. The server doesn't slow down to provide data at a slower rate for dial uppers for example. If you look at your Ping and see that it is relatively low (i.e. below 200ms) then any lag you experience is because of graphical slowdown. If you're experiencing warping, that's packet loss and due to the server. If your ping is extremely high, and/or those of other players suddenly become quite high, then you may have a valid point in saying the server is laggy. However once again, this is not due to high ping individuals, since they cannot force a server to lag out. Note that virtually any time large numbers of people join/leave a server you will experience brief moments of ping spikes.


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    Default Spawn Camping / Map Exploits

    Official Strand A.K.A. Charlie Ruling From Leadership:
    Originally Posted by Duality, jeod66
    The only thing not permitted on Strand is grenades into the Axis spawns. If somebody sets up outside the spawns, it doesn't matter, so long as there are not grenades into them, REGARDLESS of this "one exit, two exit" nonsense. If you can't tolerate getting killed as you run out a door on a map where you've been gunning down spawning people on the beach, don't play Axis. If there are problems with this, please feel free to contact either myself or another advisor, and if this is wrongly enforced, it will be handled as appropriate. Thread closed.
    Note, the following quotes on spawn camping DO NOT apply to Strand A.K.A. Charlie

    Official Ruling From Leadership:
    Quote Originally Posted by General Nuisance (Original thread accessible to 'G' level admins only) View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by slayr357 View Post
    ...Yes the rule has always been on eGO servers any player is allowed to kill any player anywhere as long as they as are not in the act of spawning or can see thru a wall and can kill as well as be killed...
    Quote Originally Posted by slayr357 View Post
    ...Yes you are allowed to shoot from spawn. If someone is camping from spawn you are allowed also to kill them by any means. Which means this is the only example of where its allowed to throw a nade into spawn.
    Spawn camping is allowed as long as the players are not being killed in the act of spawning. Hence you should not be lobbing nades into spawn, but feel free to nade the spawn ramps.
    Alright, now a few examples to apply this ruling.

    A player camping on a spawn ramp or behind it towards spawn allows the enemy team to nade, rocket, and shoot into the camper's spawn at will. This is the only time in which hurting players as they spawn is acceptable. The second nobody on the ramp or inside spawn is shooting out, nades and rockets into the spawn have to stop. If you are worried about accidentally nading spawn after the enemy has stopped shooting out of it, simply don't use nades around spawn.

    As far as map exploits are concerned there are two types.

    1. Situation where you are easily seen and/or shoot-able.
    2. Situation where you can unfairly see through a wall, texture, or model, or where you can not be fairly or quickly killed.

    Situation 1 would be camping atop a light post on Avalanche or Anzio, or atop a closed window in Anzio's "Central Alley". All instances of this type are ALLOWED because once a player knows where you are, the camper can easily be killed.

    Situation 2 would be camping in the rafters or in the attic of church in Avalanche, on the bridge stairs on Anzio where a part of the wall texture is missing. Situation 2 is NOT ALLOWED because you are not easily killable. Both examples of situation 2 here are also not allowed because in both cases you can see through certain walls and textures at players coming towards you, but those players cannot see you through the same walls and textures, giving you an unfair advantage.

    Any specific instances that the above rulings do not cover will be listed here as Q&A as they occur:

    Question #1: Players on Donner shooting MG through the Axis sniper house/bench alley walls.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spray (Original thread accessible to 'O' level admins only) View Post
    Shooting through the wall in Donner to Axis back alley / bench alley is NOT allowed. This is the official ruling.
    Verdict: NOT ALLOWED


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    Default Important/Recommended Steam Groups

    This is a reminder to all EdgeGamers Day of Defeat: Source players,
    please join the steam community group for updates on events and going-on's in the
    DoD Division. Who knows, you might just be the next player of the week! Click below to join.


    Join our DOD:S Rangers group to help us fill up our servers when our population is low, keeping our servers full helps keep the DOD:S division strong!
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    Default Important Links & Downloads

    Below I have included an assortment of useful and important tools and downloads.
    Among the items below are tools used for admining, recruiting, and general gameplay
    within DoDS. If you know of any additional tools that should be added, or any of the
    following links are broken, please contact me via PM.

    Note: Spidey's program might be reported as malicious when downloading on some browsers.
    This should disappear with time as the file is downloaded more times.
    Until then, please ignore any such warnings, they are not correct.


    eGO gameMe Stats

    GamingRobot32's - Idling Script

    Steam ID Converter

    Legit Proof ID Checker

    VAC Ban ID Checker


    DoD:S Game Manual

    Quaffer's - Strategic Map Collection

    Rufio's - DoD:S Setup and Performance Guide

    INsane's HUD Version 11 Revision 2


    Realism Handbook

    The Official "Favorite Map" Poll


    As always, if there are any questions, feel free to ask me.
    Currently I do not plan to go any further in depth regarding the use of the
    tools listed above, but if I receive enough questions or problems, I will add material.


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