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    Default Best scores and best games you've had!

    Okay, I got the idea of making this thread after me and Josh played a game of LOL. So I want to see how well you did i got 18-0-0 whit gared. So, if you want take a pick. and and post it here. If you don't believe me about 18-0-0 ask josh.

    Alright, A few ground rules added in.

    1. Make sure the image is viewable, but not massive.
    2. Some minor trash talking is aloud, but don't let it get heated.
    3. Post

    Image By IceGladiator
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    22-0-18 with Zilean is my best

    LoL Username - TrickyNacho

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    i don't remember, they only keep track of ranked stats now. really wish they didn't get rid of the old stats it kept, i had massive awesomeness with katarina.
    my best is something like 27 or so -0-something

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    Quote Originally Posted by meatpuppet311 View Post
    dam!!! I make sure i am on your team

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    I went 32 - 5 - 12 with Miss Fortune once. Sadly, I didn't get a screenshot cause I suck at remembering things. The best part was that for a lot of the game it was only a 2v5 and I was on the team with only 2. My teammate was Akali.

    Three of my teammates had to leave for real-life reasons. They eventually returned and by that time I was 11 - 1 - ?. The other team was winning the turret battle because we couldn't keep them all defended with only 2 players. Luckily the 3 other players returned and we easily won the game.

    I can't remember who I was playing with but it was with a bunch of eGO players. If anyone was in that game it would be nice if you could verify my story.

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    HTML Code:
    sorry its so big  i dont know how to make it smaller, but that game was the best i had who cho! ? type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>[URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL][/QUOTE]
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    I went 42 - 4 - 6 with Ryze as my best, I also went 33 - 3 or something like that with WW
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    an older pic:
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    Just got 16-2-7 with Corki, my best score yet ( I'm level 13 so there will be better games :-P)

    EDIT: new best 38-5-7 too bad as a team we lost :D

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