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    For Trade:
    nv Mining Light - 2 Refined
    nv German Gonzilla - 2 Refined
    nv Bloke's Bucket Hat - 2 Refined
    nv Dr's Dapper Topper - 1 Refined 1 Reclaimed

    Vintage Bonk - 2 Scrap
    Vintage Homewrecker - 2 Scrap

    PM me or send trade request -
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    for trade---
    NV Frenchman Beret (spy)
    and any weapon on page 4 of my backpack before i smash em in to metal or donate to clan

    looking for heavy or eng hat for the spy one

    also getting rid of my lot of crates would like to recieve a scrap or 2 random weapons if any biters

    *PM me for fastest response
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    Keeping Grenades from Premature Popping since 1981.
    "I really wish Stats would record playing Medic better!"

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    Full Milkman Set
    Any weapon I have duplicates of.
    1 Weap:1 Scrap
    1 Vintage: 2 Scraps

    Looking for: Milkman

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    Black paint
    White paint
    Vint Stainless Pot
    Brigade Helm
    Hound Dog
    Professor's Peculiarity
    Medic Mountain Cap
    Pyromancer Mask
    Big Chief
    Fancy Fedora
    Physician's Procedure Mask
    Vintage Magistrate's Mullet

    What I'm looking for:
    Crocleather Slouch
    Villain's Veil
    YOUR offers
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    Vintage Loch-n-Load
    Vintage Sun-on-a-Stick
    Vintage Sharpened Volcano Fragment

    Vintage Amputator
    Vintage Half-Zatoichi

    Ol' Snaggletooth
    The Milkman
    Familar Fez

    Send me a PM here, not sure if that's an option humm...or reply...or catch me in eGO server!

    P.S. Hi first post..someone tricked me into signing up here with a false promise of a free hat
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    I don't know if this has already been mentioned, but I will give someone a good bounty of hats for Teddy Roosebelt, and even more for a vintage one. PM me if you're interested.

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    Buying MAX HEAD

    Modern pricing of bills, earbuds and Max Head
    Bills - 5 keys
    Buds - 10 keys (2 bills as always)
    Max head - 3.5 Buds
    My full item value:
    Vintage medic mask - 5 keys (modern bills hat worth)
    Vintage Hound Dog - 4 keys
    Vintage Fedora - 4 keys
    Vintage Brigade Helm - 3 Keys
    Vintage Trophy belt - 2 keys
    Vintage Magistrates mullet - 2 keys
    Vintage fosters set (Both tie and mask) - 1 key

    Total vintage value: 21 Keys (2.1buds)
    Genuine Aperture Science Hard Hat - 3 keys
    Genuine Noh Mercy - 3 keys
    Resurrection Associate pin - 2-3 keys
    Essential Accesories - 2 Keys

    Total Promotional Value: 10-11 Keys (1-1.1 buds)
    New items/non-vintages
    'Ol Geezer - 2 keys
    Reggaelator - 2 keys
    Masters Yellow Belt - 1 Key
    Towering Pillar - 1 key
    Industrial Festivizer - 1 key

    Total New/Non vintage value: 7 Keys (0.7 buds)
    Total main trade body value: 3.8-3.9 buds
    Rare Vintage Weapon Sweeteners:
    Vintage Buffalo Steak
    Vintage Ullapool Caber
    Complimentary choice of 3 paints or a MAUL.

    I'm overpaying by about a bills here, seeing as I don't know the price of the rare vintage weapons (Probably 1 key each though). But yeah, I've had this dream for a while and I'll buy your max head.
    I will use a TF2 leadership member as a middleman, preferably spidEY.
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    looking for: Anything you don't need at all :D I will give you a candy cane :D

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