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    I am trading a Searing Plasma German Gonzila for the Medic, I am looking for a Max's Severed Head. If anyone from Edgegamers takes this trade, I will throw in a Vintage Medic mask for free.

    If you are interested shoot me a PM. I'll add pics later

    oh gosh #neaux1currrrr

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    Vintage Tyrant's Helm
    Vintage Foster's Facade
    Big Chief
    Vintage Sola Topi
    Vintage Medic Mirror
    Vintage Medic Mask
    Grimm Hate


    Vintage Troublemaker's Tosslecap
    Villain's Veil
    Crocleather Slouch
    Hottie's Hoodie
    Vintage Batter's Helm

    oh gosh #neaux1currrrr

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    Vintage Vintage Tyrolean
    Vintage Engineer's Cap
    Vintage Pyro's Beanie
    Vintage Noble Amassment of Hats
    Vintage Ye Old Baker Boy

    Paint: Ye Old Rustic Color

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    Trading: Blighted Beak.

    Looking For:

    Googly Gazer.
    Grimm Hatte.
    Villian's Veil.

    Also trading name and description tags, 2 reclaimed.

    [SM] =(eGO)= /dev/null: Kicked replay (Reason: "afk in spec")

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    V. Noble Ammassment
    G. Hetman's
    V. Sola Topi
    V. Tricorne
    V. Hustler's Halmark
    Lvl 100 Dapper's

    Looking For:
    Genuine Potato Hat

    Check my backpack out and make an offer on most anything. If the offer is good enough, I will trade.

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    For Trade:
    Pretty much anything in my backpack, including (but not limited to) --
    -Ellis' Cap
    -Detective Noir
    -Alien Swarm Parasite
    -Madame Dixie
    -Frying Pan
    -Genuine Sun-on-a-Stick
    -Any Vintage items I own
    -Any number of crates, any series
    -Drab Paint
    -Name Tag

    Will Trade For:
    Pyromancer's Mask
    Unusual Haunted Scrap Metal OR Headless Horsemann's Headtaker

    Add NDRuno to Steam and/or PM me if any of these tickle your fancy.
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    I have 90 crates, and they're starting to clutter up my backpack.

    I've been on a couple trading servers and no one seems to want them - are they actually worth anything? I will never buy the keys to open them.

    Does anyone here want to trade for them, or should I just start deleting them?
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    They are worth close to nothing... but if you don't want them, I will take them off your hands!

    Trading most everything in my backpack

    Looking for metal, keys, unusuals, and hats.

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    Vint medic mask,
    Hound Dog,
    Blighted Beak,
    vint spy mullet,
    Brigade Helm,
    Bonk Helm

    Looking for offers.

    oh gosh #neaux1currrrr

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    There are some crates that are valuable.
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