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    ok i noticed i have to keep editting this cuz i keep changing in stuff XD lol so just add me on steam or something lol
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    Looking for Any of the new hats:

    Will TRADE:

    Hustlers Halmark
    Ze Goggles (Maybe)
    FootBall Helm
    Engie Cap

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    Quote Originally Posted by sowbek View Post
    Soldiers Stash

    any other soldier hat (really any, i hate this one)

    steam name is the same as forum name
    OH GOD SO MUCH TEMPTATION! I want the Soldiers Stash but Im attached to my Killers Kabuto.

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    Want to trade:

    Vintage Vintage Merryweather


    The Attendant

    Want to trade:

    Shooter's Sola Topi

    Ol' Snaggletooth.

    Want to trade:

    Backbiter's Billycock


    Physicians Mask
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    I am interested in the Vintage Tyrolean, mainly because I already have the mask. I am willing to offer the Engineer's Cap or the Rubber Glove for it.
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    Gotta love trading system :D
    =(eG)=™ Bonecrusher [BRO] {R}: lol
    =(eG)=™ Bonecrusher [BRO] {R}: Ł¤Ł*
    =(eG)=™ relimit {R}...♡: LOL what is that
    =(eG)=™ relimit {R}...♡: oh
    =(eG)=™ Bonecrusher [BRO] {R}: Ł¤Ł=lol
    =(eG)=™ relimit {R}...♡: lol
    =(eG)=™ Bonecrusher [BRO] {R}: lol
    =(eG)=™ Bonecrusher [BRO] {R}: why are we loling
    =(eG)=™ relimit {R}...♡: idk LOL

    (ALL) =(eGO)=™ Shadowesh: I hate my life... my score is back to 0
    (ADMINS) =(eG)=™ Bonecrusher [BRO]: rawr
    Player =(eGO)=™ |dRiFT oF ThE ApEXi| has joined the game
    (Voice) =(e)=™ A.S.K 747: MEDIC!
    (ADMINS) =(eG)=™ Furiosity [ : O ]: double rawr
    Player =(eGO)=™ |dRiFT oF ThE ApEXi| joined team RED
    (ADMINS) 24/7 =(eGO)= |EGYPT| NO BOTS! =HLstatsX= "CONSOLE RAWR!"

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    Er...i'll be the first to admit, last night i idled to get some new items, when i went to check my backpack this morning i saw this:

    look down in the items not placed in backpack.

    now some of you might or might not know, those supply crates can ONLY be opened by a key bought from the TF2 store...basicly: if anyone is willing to buy keys, i'll give you 50% choise of all items that come out of those crates (you get first pick! :D)

    (i hear they drop more then 1 item, not sure about this though)

    QUICK EDIT: Just to clarify, im not asking you to buy me 2 keys to use, i'll give you one supply crate for one key, then we can trade the items that come out afterwords!

    im willing to trade EITHER:
    a Ye Olde Baker boy
    the new milkman cap
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    Looking for:
    Vintage Crit-a-Cola

    Trading for:
    Vintage Gunslinger
    Vintage Paintrain
    Vintage Kritzkrieg
    Other random duplicates I might have

    Vintage Ushanka -> A good Vintage Spy, Pyro or Engy hat
    Vintage Bonk Helmet -> Any other Scout one, except Baseball Helmet and the hatless one
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klammy View Post
    Tripplers tricorne for trade, any offers?
    Read your in box mail!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donnie the Dinosaur View Post
    Trading the new Vita-Saw for a nametag.

    Also, trading a vintage heavy duty rag for a mann co. crate.
    PMd :D

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