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    ANY Sam and Max Items (head, Lugermorph or Big kill)


    Have a look, PM offers.

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    I'll throw in my box.
    To Trade:
    Anything on first page:

    Otolarynologist's Mirror
    or make me an offer of:
    Brigade Helmet
    Tough Guy Toque
    Trophy Belt
    Crocodile Hat
    A bunch of metal

    In order of preference.
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    xosniper: like ive said before, I would line all of you up side by side, Zero first. Slap the **** out of him and watch the domino effect of nubs falling down
    xosniper: and then I would rejoice
    Whisker Biscuit -KT-: should quote that
    xosniper: do it, its a great quote because it is true. I would take all of you out for ice cream after ofcourse, I'm not a complete ****

    Quote Originally Posted by iGreen View Post
    Whatever you do, never eat anything Zero711 offers you.
    Even if it's cookies.

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    Looking for Merryweather

    Have a couple of hats including a vintage brain slug
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    Quote Originally Posted by DuckDastardly View Post
    Looking for
    Hats listed in order of what I want most:
    Hustler's Hallmark
    The Earbuds
    Texas Ten Gallon
    Vintage Tyrolean
    Hard Counter
    Heavy Duty Rag
    Demoman's Fro
    Safe and Sound
    Hound Dog

    Gloves of Urgently Running

    For Trade
    Everything on page one is up for trade, if you see something on page 2 feel free to ask, but if its equipped I probably wont part with it. Page 3 is not for trade. Only a couple of items aren't vintage, but all my hats except the Worms hat for the soldier are vintage.

    Feel free to pm me on the forums or friend me in steam if you want to trade.
    I'll trade you a Demo Fro for the tyrants helm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artificial Idiot View Post
    Updating my list once again, complete overhaul
    Chieftan's Hat (Soldier, Native American Headdress Hat)
    Zepheniah Paint (Dark Green)
    3 Crates
    Parasite Hat (If you REALLY need it)

    Decent Sniper's Hat
    Different paints besides Zepheniah or Distinct Lack of Hue

    PM me offers on the Chieftan's Hat (Only decent offers please)
    Forgot to update this yesterday. All out of items for trade.

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    Will trade my Unusual Stout Stoko (soldier) for an Unusual Vintage Merryweather.

    Nothing else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIANT_ENEMY_CRAB View Post
    Will trade my Unusual Stout Stoko (soldier) for an Unusual Vintage Merryweather.

    Nothing else.
    dont trade to this guy, he stole my chances of getting hats.

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