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    Default The Trading Thread

    Before the forum gets spammed with it, I thought I'd make a thread for players to use specifically for listing items they have they're willing to trade, and items they want and will trade for. The point is just to have a convenient little tool for everyone to use, thought it would be a nice thing to do for everyone, and will help us all get to the items we want a little quicker (without having to pay for them).

    I'll start us out with an example, which happens to be the actual items I have and want:

    Updated Lists (updated 10/12):
    Hot Rod
    Physicians Mask
    Ze Goggles

    Metal! I'll offer 3-4 refined metal per hat on the above list. I've got an "ideal hat setup" for every class I'd like to achieve, and those are the last few items I need.
    Few polycount duplicates if anyone needs something yet.

    I know I don't have much to trade for the items I want, but I do have metal, anyway. Also I offer my services as an experienced pocket medic to any soldier, heavy, demo, sniper, scout, spy, pretty much anyone who wants a pocket medic. You tell me how to load out and I'll offer my service of pocket medic for one hour per refined metal value of item traded. I.e. a hat or misc. = 3 refined = 3 hours of pocket medic.

    REMEMBER: Update your post here often so they are up to date, and please post only once, and for the love of all things holy, only trading discussion please. Format all your posts like my haves/wants above. If you want to discuss trading with someone, do it via PM: "Hey I see you needed <blank1> and have <blank2> to trade. I have <blank1> and will trade it for <blank2>." That will help keep this thread clean and efficient for all users. And remember you needn't post every item you have that you don't want. After all, not too many people still need a Kritzkrieg. Post items that are new or rare enough that you think people will be interested in them. That'll just save everyone a lot of time and sifting through lists of junk to find one item they want.

    Thanks, and happy trading and hunting!
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    I think one thread would get cluttered too quick. Now we need a trading section of the forums.

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    The best way to get your thread stickied? Dont' ask for it...

    For now there's no need to sticky any threads about the trading system. I'm sure we can all handle ourselves like adults and not go crazy.
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    Updated: 8/28/2011 4:50 pm EST

    Willing to trade:

    Check Backpack for hats unworn

    Willing to Accept the trade for:

    Looking for Sniper hat

    Like anything?
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    Want to trade:
    Bonk Helm
    Mining Light
    Medic mirror
    Frenchman's beret (N. vintage)
    Drill hat
    Napper's Respite
    Sober Stuntman
    Baker boy
    Milkman hat
    Officer's Ushanka

    What I want:
    Grenadier's Softcap
    Max severed head
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    I'll trade:


    What I want:

    Texas Ten Gallon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lava View Post
    Will post my trade here.

    Willing to trade:

    Texas Ten Gallon

    Willing to Accept the trade for:

    Heavy Hats (No Hair)
    I have the heavy's football helmet

    ______  ___     _________              
    ___   |/  /___________  /___  _________
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    /_/  /_/  \____/\__,_/  \__,_/ /____/

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    Trade has been made bros. I even gave the hat I traded for away. Am I on the good list now Santa?
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    Trading the following;

    Bonk Helm

    unused dueling game

    Let me know
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    I got a Fancy Fedora, but do you have any other hats you'd be willing to part with?
    Preferably a medic hat.
    Soldiers Unite!

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