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    Default #edgegamers irc?

    Yes, eGO has IRC channels.
    Channel: #edgegamers

    * +Aneruen|class (~chatzilla@ Quit (Ping timeout)
    * Aneruen|class (~chatzilla@ has joined #edgegamers
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v Aneruen|class
    * Idol is now known as Idol|crappylaptopandboxfan

    <@MisterAdam> LOL
    <+Aneruen|class> I hate you
    * MisterAdam is now known as MisterAdam|OverheatingNetworkCard
    <+Aneruen|class> you are all bad people
    * Muscles89 is now known as Muscles89|hastohijackinternettogetinirc

    So join in. It's where all the cool kids hang out. Just remember, IRC isn't as fast-paced as Ventrilo. It's a lot like text messaging. Sometimes you get an immediate response, sometimes a conversation can span several hours. A fair amount of TF2 Leadership use IRC and even some Council members are IRC regulars. But why IRC and not Vent? A lot of us are actually slacking off at work. If my boss hears me chatting it up on Vent, she might have a problem. But if all she hears are keys clacking away, she could think I'm actually working.

    So come join us. You could meet some new people. You could learn why we are all making fun of Aneruen's laptop. And, call me crazy, but you could even have some fun.

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    I like the -o Aneruen

    Note: I kept hitting A[TAB] to try and get Aneruen's name in for about 10 seconds..couldn't figure out why it didn't work.
    9:41 PM - =(eGO)= Rogue Sniper: did you hear, theyre also adding WoW contest / request ban sections

    9:42 PM - =(eGO)= Rogue Sniper: for banning, they get ozzy osboure to kill their characters for ever how long the ban is, then to unban they get Mr T to rez their characters as night elf mohawks

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    hmm i might have to set up my irc client again....
    Quote Originally Posted by Artimus View Post
    Ezekiel... you kill me.

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    Then you you can make fun of De-arth!!!

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    What? More people in IRC? Great. Now I'll never get any work done.
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    I'd probably have to ssh tunnel to get on IRC during the day.

    But putting that aside, I've already been slapped with enough fish to last a couple lifetimes... Why not get hit with a few more?

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    I tried it once, its a land of emptiness.

    A really scary place D:

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    I was on IRC some time but no1 is ever talking UNLESS at like 4AM by my timezone D:
    =(eG)= Bonecrusher [BRO] {R}: lol
    =(eG)= Bonecrusher [BRO] {R}: ŁŁ*
    =(eG)= relimit {R}...♡: LOL what is that
    =(eG)= relimit {R}...♡: oh
    =(eG)= Bonecrusher [BRO] {R}: ŁŁ=lol
    =(eG)= relimit {R}...♡: lol
    =(eG)= Bonecrusher [BRO] {R}: lol
    =(eG)= Bonecrusher [BRO] {R}: why are we loling
    =(eG)= relimit {R}...♡: idk LOL

    (ALL) =(eGO)= Shadowesh: I hate my life... my score is back to 0
    (ADMINS) =(eG)= Bonecrusher [BRO]: rawr
    Player =(eGO)= |dRiFT oF ThE ApEXi| has joined the game
    (Voice) =(e)= A.S.K 747: MEDIC!
    (ADMINS) =(eG)= Furiosity [ : O ]: double rawr
    Player =(eGO)= |dRiFT oF ThE ApEXi| joined team RED
    (ADMINS) 24/7 =(eGO)= |EGYPT| NO BOTS! =HLstatsX= "CONSOLE RAWR!"

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    Interesting I use gamesurge to find sourcescrims =o didnt know we had 1 for ego? llool

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