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    my youtube channel

    My tf2 backpack


    I'm no rodent, I'm a lagomorph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletPastries View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noise964 View Post
    so if the kings were already contacted, why aren't i pyro king...?

    *dies a little more inside*

    cus ur two easy to FAn scout

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    Updated to here.

    (thanks DI!)

    Hey! Interested in Don't Starve? Don't know what it is? Check out my tutorial series about it!Part 1

    How about Minecraft? Interested in that? Check out my Let's Play series! Most Recent (part nine) and Full Playlist

    Dreadmaker should be banned for having autochunk-of-text-explaining-the-situation-perfectly hacks. ~ Sonata Arctica

    Dread is beast ~ Lu

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    Holy sweet Lord that is the longest post I've ever seen. Even the TL;DR was longer than most people's posts!

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    Just for reference.

    Started reading: 2:05 AM
    Ended reading: 2:15 AM
    Grasped an understanding:
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