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    Karthus, Rammus and a split between Malzahar and Veigar

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    haha i just played mundo for the first time yesterday and i liked him, gotta just make sure to get lots of hp/hp regen, and i went with some nice lifesteal as well.

    Haven't played it long enough to really pick a favorite, but it's a fun game :D Still can't decide if I really like it better than DotA though.

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    My favourite heroes are Warwick, gangplank and nunu

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    Shen ftw, Best out of them all in my opinion!

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    Fiddlesticks til the end

    Give me internetz for the awesome MC Comic!

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    Warwick! Stack enough lifesteal and attack speed on him and he'll never die as long as you're attacking.

    I haven't found a 2nd hero to get good at yet but I might try Mordekaiser, Kassadin or Shaco soon.

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