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    Title: Live Free or Die Hard
    Year: 2007
    Country of Origin: USA
    Director: Len Wiseman

    Story: Computers are like

    Review: This is the one...the one where they push the level of implausibility far beyond it's breaking point. McClane just starts to do things that no mere human can achieve. We have finally gotten to the point where John McClane ceases to be an action hero and has now become a super hero. I blame you Len Wiseman...I BLAME YOU.

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    Don't tell me you haven't seen Sherlock Holmes yet!

    "Why so serious? It's not like it's a Death note is it?"

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    Title: Sherlock Holmes
    Year: 2009
    Country of Origin: USA/UK
    Director: Guy Ritchie

    Story: Holmes must stop some guy whose raised from the dead and is now trying to take over England.

    Review: Ok, so I'm revisiting this review all the way from the future year of 2015. I feel like coming back and re-reviewing this one because I must have seen this film like 20 more time in the 5 years since I originally reviewed it...and guess what? It's not that bad of a film. The action is fast and fun, the characters are affable and Robert Downy Jr. really knocks it out of the park. Here's the thing though, as a 'Sherlock Holmes' film it's not all that great, which is why I probably gave it a '5' all the way back in 2010. As a dumb big budget action film though, it's pretty entertaining.

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    Title: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
    Year: 1998
    Country of Origin: UK
    Director: Guy Ritchie

    Story: Card games, antique guns and marijuana...oh my.

    Review: Here is Ritchie's first feature film and so far his most entertaining. The story is convoluted and the film comes dangerously close to being a Tarantino knockoff, but holds its own. The dialog is smart and comes at you in rapid fire cockney. Everyone involved does really well and most of the characters are likable and well written. Also notable as being the first film of one of my favorite action stars Jason Statham.

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    Do Braveheart next! (please)
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    Title: Braveheart
    Year: 1995
    Country of Origin: USA
    Director: Mel Gibson


    Review: Mel Gibson knocks it out of the park with the epic about Scottish historical figure, William Wallace. The film is well shot, well acted and very well paced. This is the crowing achievement of Gibsons career and is certainly not to be missed.

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    Title: Django
    Year: 1966
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Director: Sergio Corbucci

    Story: A man named Django walks no to a town besieged by a vicious gang. Dragged by this man with no name is a coffin filled with death...and by death I mean a Gatling gun.

    Review: Easily the best non-Leone Spaghetti Western* made. This film deals with the same basic themes covered in other Spaghetti Westerns. It's a fun campy film, filled with colorful characters. If you have the time I recommend a viewing.


    * A western made in Italy.
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    i also watched kick-ass it was good..

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