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    What days are good for community meetings?
    1. Friday
    2. Saturday
    3. Sunday
    4. No day


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    What do you eat on Thanksgiving/Chirstmas?
    1. Ham
    2. Turkey
    3. It alternates
    4 Whatís a holiday?

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    What do you do on Christmas Day first?

    A) Wake up, eat breakfast, open presents, and enjoy it
    B) Wake up, open presents w/ family, eat breakfast, and enjoy it
    C) Wake up, Open presents, not eating breakfast, and enjoy it
    D) Wake up, eat breakfast and open presents at the same time, and enjoy it
    E) Other(explain)
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    Have you been keeping up with the EdgeGamers Nameless Podcast?
    1. No, I'm a bad boy
    2. Of course I have
    3. Whats that?
    MS AT+ Media support.
    Dryden#0001 /id/elsewhere

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    Is a hotdog a sandwich?

    1. Yes
    2. No
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    Is Rainbow Six Siege a better game then Counter Strike?

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    Are you going to pick up Halo: Reach when it drops for PC and Xbox on December 3rd?

    1. Yes, I already have the theme stuck in my head.

    2. No, I don't play Halo.

    3. I might.

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    Are you travelling for the Holidays.

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Not sure, not up to me
    4. Other(Please specify)

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    Lets settle this: Skiing / Snowboarding / Other (sledding/ skating/ etc.)

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