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    What is it about eGO that attracted you to join the eGO clan?
    a) Website
    b) Servers
    c) Game Varieties
    d) All the above

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    Do you still play Runescape (combat beta)?

    Yes still do
    Never Will
    Runescape BETA?

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    i-Phone or Samsung?

    Phoneless =(

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    What's your favorite way to help out the community?

    1.) Recruiting
    2.) Donating
    3.) Admining
    4.) All of the Above!

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    The iPhone 5 is coming out soon, are you going to buy it?

    Duh! Iphones are the best thing to have.
    Nope I like other phones better
    Quote Originally Posted by Endiment View Post
    Kyogre's Drizzle made it rain!

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    If a zombie apocalypse were to break out by the end of the 2012 year, what would you do?

    A. Nothing
    B. Attempt to survive
    C. Pull a I am Legend and find the cure
    D. Post a drop box for eGO Leadership to look into it

    Posted 10/23/2012 - DD


    Should guys be allowed to wear dresses if girls can wear pants?

    A. Yes
    B. No
    C. Already wear dresses, thank you very much!
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    What do you use the shoutbox for?
    1. Chatting with your eGO fellow friends
    2. Tell people to get on servers and seed
    3. Announce news about eGO
    4. Checking out the awards given recently
    5. Checking out the newest member
    6. All of the above
    7. I dont use it at all
    8. Where is the shoutbox?

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    If you dress up for Halloween, where do you get your costume?

    Are you kidding, I make my own
    Halloween/ other store bought
    Stuff I had around the house
    Don't dress up/other

    Posted 10/9/2012 - DD
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    How many awards do you have in eGO?

    1) 1-5
    2) 6-10
    3) 11-15
    4) 16-20
    5) 21-25
    6) 26-30
    7) 30 or more.
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