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    Default [JB] Zombie throwing knives

    Obviously the Zombies are kinda under powered, I feel that having throwing knives would make up a tiny bit for it. This is very similar to lets say: CoD MW3 infection, the infected (zombies) get 1 throwing knife. the throwing knife would just be a knife that would be thrown with left click, it would be able to one shot if it lands on an enemy. This would make everyone actively move, rather then just standing still.

    Let me hear your thoughts.
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    Good idea but do they only recieve one knife because if that is the case they wont be able to kill an entire T team standing up onto climb or is it like on one in the chamber where you get another one when you kill someone?
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    The first case, not the one in the chamber one.

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    Obviously a +1, they just camp in climb until the round ends and this is the second most dreaded special day because of it.

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    +1, I think we should just make a injected game mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom View Post
    Or just remove zombie day
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