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    Default Front Page Poll Questions

    We're looking for questions from the clan to post on the front page in the "Current Poll" section. If you have a good poll idea, please post in this thread and include the question to be asked with the possible answers.

    Fair warning - your poll may not be selected for the front page and all polls are subject to editing.
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    How do you contribute to eGO on a daily basis?
    1) Forum usage.
    2) In-game response.
    3) Buying stuff from eGO.
    4) Donations.
    5) 1 and 2 together.
    6) All of the above.
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    What are your motivations for attending events?

    1. eGO Achievements/Awards
    2. Meet new people
    3. They are fun.
    4. All of the above!

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    How often do you play on eGO servers a week?
    1. 1-5 hours
    2. 6-10 hours
    3. 11-15 hours
    4. 16-20 hours
    5. 21+ hours
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    What types of games do you think are or would be most fun to play with eGO?

    1. Action/FPS
    2. Fantasy/Medieval MMORPG
    4. Sci-fi MMORPG

    Posted 9/26/2012 - DD
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    Have the members of the Tech Help Section helped you solve or resolve your technology problems?

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    Why do you like the Member Medals?

    1.Something to work for
    2.I don't really mind them..
    3. They set goals for me.
    4. I'm not effected by the medals.

    Posted 5/11/2015 - DD
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    Would you Pay for private eGO vent Channels?
    1. Yes
    2. No

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    Are you following the World Cup in Soccer?

    1) Yes, I'm NOT leaving the sofa for the next month
    2) Yes, but only some of the matches
    3) No, I don't like soccer
    4) Soccer?

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    02:06 - =(e)=™Eurocracy{R}: I know
    02:06 - =(e)=™Eurocracy{R}: Hey quote this
    02:06 - =(eG)=™Nokx: lawl
    02:06 - =(e)=™Eurocracy{R}: =(eG)=™Nokx: You're insane
    =(e)=™Eurocracy{R}: I know
    02:06 - =(e)=™Eurocracy{R}: And put it in your sig
    02:06 - =(eG)=™Nokx: <.<

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    Have you thought about donating to eGO?

    1) Yes
    2) No
    3) I Already Donated!
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