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    Quote Originally Posted by yossarian22 View Post
    no point to this.

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    Idk how i feel about hats. i feel like they would be bullseyes, but i still want some xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cl!FF View Post
    Then if I have no medics to heal me or something I usually switch classes to sniper and guess who I target as a sniper, indeed the ones with a hat, it is like as the spy that I can see the names of players.
    And when you go sniper, I'll be there to stab you. Sweet deal

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    Haha, wow. I would've just kept it.
    Music went perfect with video, i laughed.
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    Woodstock, yeah you got a hat, but deleted it. i know you need more room for your ubersaws from when they got taken away, you want them back.
    ǝpɐɥsʞɹɐp =(ƃǝ)=

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    if i ever get a hat..i will delete it..then i will be cool like Woodstock..because all the cool kids are doing!

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