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    KnuckleChild87 (about Gumba11Machine): Treat him like all the other 16 year old girls and just ignore him.

    Sloppie: I'm gonna go get a beer.
    Fluffy: I am gonna go get some pants.

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    I agree with this thread
    Questions about being an admin? PM me here.

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    I'm glad this was posted. I'm sorry to say that there are times when an eG plays the role of admin and I completely disagree with their actions. I'm 41 and easily recognize when someone is mature enough to handle a situation. Some of our members say things to other players simply because they can, not because they should.

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    What if your grandmother is a priest AND a child?

    Ok, bad point.

    Yeah, that's a great way to filter what you say. And guys, it's not just swearing, it's contextual too.

    Saying #@$%@# is just as bad as "You stupid idiot, you don't know how to play the game, you are so retarded."

    Think before you say.

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    Thumbs up

    Great refinement of policy. Nice job Artimus and council.

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