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    Well said.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarrod_38 View Post
    Yep. I use the Grandma filter all the time.

    Grandma filter FTW!
    Quote Originally Posted by USCG Hammer View Post
    U hav 2 go 2 skool so U kan lern tings and get smart. cuz U dont want to beez dumb.
    Hammer has spoken: Stay in school, kids!

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    definitely a good idea... just because a word isn't on a filter doesn't mean it isn't a bad word

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    That's interesting. I kinda like this change. I always felt I would be yelled at if I slipped up a few times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.dude View Post
    Well said.

    Grandma filter FTW!
    We had to learn about that during our Harassment Class for work.

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    nicely done and well put.our eG and eGO's shouldnt be the only ones watching inappropriate behavior and choice words.even though e's are limited to what can be done we can still help prevent these things from happening.i give you a tip of the hat Artimus along with the rest of the community!
    shotgun king

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    agree I'm here to practice my english not how to ..
    Mess with the best... Die like the rest.

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    Great decision

    "Every time that IdrA accidentally lost a few drones i wanted to be like "TEN POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR!""

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