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    Quote Originally Posted by Two Listen View Post

    This pleases me!
    My art blog
    ┌─┐ I SAY!

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    This is a good way to teach admins and I know things we can say and i'm safe :D

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    i think i will take the will i say this in fron of a child "line"
    if a make it as a eg ^^

    When all hope is lost
    are u brave enough to fight with us

    =(eGo)= clan nr1 ^^

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    I use the "Kid's are around" filter usually..

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    I always say to myself "what would i say to my kids when they are at adolescence"

    I am 73% addicted to Counterstrike. What about you?

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    Thread locked. Please don't bump old threads. If you haven't viewed the thread before, look at it but please don't post in it if its more than a month old.
    A leader doesn't lead by words, but by his actions.

    As the banhammer slammed into the hardened earth, the effects were felt across all servers until the end of time - Tiddy.

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