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    Default "Unacceptable Words" List Removed

    To be promoted through the ranks of eGO, you need to demonstrate that you have the maturity and common sense to admin a server using the guidelines we teach in admin school.

    Using common sense, you can determine if a player's use of language and certain unacceptable words requires action from an admin. With this in mind, the official list of unacceptable words has been removed from eGO policies and will no longer be a part of admin training.

    From now on, use this simple question as your guide: "Would I use that language in front of a child, my priest, or my grandmother?"

    Everyone is guilty of an occasional slip of the tongue in a moment of frustration. We should let those initial slips go by with a warning. Of course, continue to warn/kick/ban as needed if it continues. No one is immune to this rule. Admins, e's and pubs are to be treated the same regarding use of language and respect for other players.

    As one of our wise Division Leaders once said, "Relax, play the game, and don't look for situations to admin. Just handle what happens."

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    Understood, will try my best as always
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    Makes sense, good move. It just reinforces that you can't admin from a black and white guideline since you have to judge from the situation that the offense was committed. And of course it's never good to have a list since admins are different people and have different interpretations.

    And by the way, did you make that sign? It doesn't look like Artimus artwork

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    I agree with this move. I don't need anything to tell me what I shouldn't say in front of my grandmother. :X

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    Very well said. I will stick to what I have been doing, which is comparing what someone says to who is it appropriate for and whether or not it is directed to be disrespectful to someone.

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    Well put, and will I implement this when admining.

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