EdgeGamers Support

Contacting Support

Need to get in touch with a Leadership member? There are many ways to get your voice heard.

Discord Support

If you need some quick support, join our Discord server, go to the #helpdesk channel, ask your questions and tag “@🌐Member Services” and your question will be answered will be answered as soon as possible.

TeamSpeak Support

Our TeamSpeak server always has personnel available to assist players in need. Any members with a [Manager] or [Sr. Manager] tag are a part of our professional Leadership staff. You can connect to our TeamSpeak server with the following information.

Port: Default (9987)
Password: No password currently set.

Contact Leadership Thread

Are you a member on our forums? You can create a “Contact Leadership” thread and our Leadership team will review it as quickly as possible. Responses are usually submitted in less than a few hours, however keep in mind that our Leadership team is strictly volunteer – they have lives too!

Email Support

When you have exhausted all other options, you may submit a support ticket to our EdgeGamers Support email. Please note that when using this method, replies can take upwards of 24 and 48 hours. Emergency situations are encouraged to use the methods listed above. Emailing support should be a final option.