Community Spotlight

EdgeGamers is very happy to introduce the revamped Community Spotlight program. On this page you can find information about the new Community Spotlight program and how it works.
Community Spotlight will be a bi-monthly program that highlights the achievements of one individual in the community that is voted on by your very own peers.

So how does it work exactly? Every other month on the 5th, a news post will be made, allowing people to nominate members of the community for a Community Spotlight. On the 15th, the poll will close, and Media Leadership will come together to tally up the votes. On the 25th, an announcement will be made with that month’s Community Spotlight.

Every member of the community gets one vote. You can nominate any member that is not Leadership. Vote manipulation is forbidden, and those caught attempting to cheat the vote will have their vote removed and face consequences inside EdgeGamers.

Additionally, you cannot nominate someone who has already received a Community Spotlight in the past.
2 months of Dedicated Supporter
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Listed on “Community Spotlight” info page on the website
Entry into Community Spotlight Raffle (will be held August 1st 2019)

January 2019

TehRaddish received several comments of praise from his peers. Below are some of the highlights we’ve picked out that summarize who he is as a character:

This is someone who is extremely active on the forums. On top of this he is a Event Coordinator and has some really great events that people love to join in on.

Outstanding Admin, Great EC, and amazing teacher

[He is] constantly striving to make sure the server rules are followed while everyone is having an enjoyable time.

A truly selfless individual and the nicest admin I’ve had the pleasure of meeting

He always is there to talk when I feel I’ve been wronged in game. Such a great guy!!