Gaming since 2006, EdgeGamers Organization (EGO) has been a prominent Gaming Community in popular multiplayer PC GAMES such as Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress 2, and Battlefield. Still expanding to this day, EGO is the perfect place to make friends and game.

Share the EdgeGamers brand responsibly.


  • Allow our logo to breathe. Content should not crowd the logo and should be clean when presented.
  • Keep eGO’s core principles in mind when using our logo.


  • Modify or overhaul our logo.
  • Use any other logos to represent EdgeGamers other than what is listed below.
  • Claim ownership of the EdgeGamers’ logo or trademark.
  • Use the EdgeGamers name or logo in any items that breach our core principles.
  • Include the EdgeGamers logo in any announcements, graphics, or images that imply a sponsorship or endorsement without approval from EdgeGamers staff.

Questions? Contact Arbiter.


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